5 Reasons Flexible Dieting Isn't For Me

5 Reasons Flexible Dieting Isn't For Me

Why flexible dieting isn't for me... Even though I prep people using it!

I was recently reading an article written by my man Russell Taylor on how Flexible Dieting is superior to meal plan approaches and cookie cutter bro-BS diets handed out by what I refer to as NPC-TARDS. These are coaches who tend to train mainly drug-using men and women in the NPC (National Physique Committee). They espouse stupid, ridiculous and scientifically-ludicrous things such:
  • Eating certain meats at certain meals for results (these idiots think that fish actually thins your skin).
  • You MUST eat using a certain timing schedule with specific foods at exact times on the clock.
  • You omit dairy because it makes you hold a film of water on the area between your nuts and anus
...you get the point. These coaches are morons and need to be slapped silly with the back end of a dead fish caught in Lake Huron.

Whereas the movement that myself, Layne Norton, 3DMJ, Russell Taylor, John Hollywood (my partner) and other notable science-based bros adhere to involves one main principle.

Food choice DOES NOT matter.

MTS Whey As long as you meet your totals of carbs, protein, and fat at the end of the day then all of that meal plan nonsense that makes you want to circumcise yourself (again) with a wooden spoon means nothing.

You also have to do the cardio we tell you to (and it DOES NOT have to be AM fasted cardio like the NPC-TARDS suggest), train like you effing mean it and lay off of cheap hookers and you will most likely, if under the aforementioned coaches, be the best-conditioned man, woman or tranny on that stage.

So what the heck does Marc Lobliner do? This is not a secret, as the bro-trendy lifestyle I live is Instagram famous. Follow me @marclobliner for epic nudes daily! While I do not eat fish at certain times, I interchange my meats and carbs as desired, and I have been known to partake in ribs and ice cream if they fit my macros up to about 6 weeks off if I'm with my kids.

I am notorious for not fitting fun foods like Pop Tarts, pastries, full-fat whipped cream on Brazilian Prostitutes...or anything like that into my diet. I am BRO. I pack chicken and rice everywhere I go.

I make MTS Nutrition Whey Sludge in airports when on one of my 300 days of business trips. I custom order at restaurants even when at a social outing. I only lick nonfat whipped cream off of women. I am BRO as they come.

So if I let my clients eat flexible, why don't I? It is a personal choice, and here are the five main reasons I do what I do.

MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobliner explains how to make sludge.

Reason #1 - Micronutrients

I like to be healthy. The problem with most processed foods is that even if they have nutrients, they are enriched by them and they are not naturally occurring. Sweet potatoes, for example, have SUPER HIGH amounts of REAL potassium. In pill form, this would be dangerous.

The micronutrients in non-processed foods are awesome and should be enjoyed. BUT, if you do not get enough whole foods like broccoli, sweet potatoes, and other colorful fruits and veggies, be sure to look into Machine Greens + Multi as an insurance policy on getting those healthy things into your body.

Micronutrients help keep you healthy and also have benefits such as disease prevention, etc. I know we all just want to get big, lean and sexy, but nobody looks sexy in a coffin!

Reason #2 - Less Junk

I am a huge fan of artificial sweeteners. I actually sweat Splenda®. I love the stuff! But there is a point where you just can get too much crap in your system, like trans fats, etc.

Now I am not an alarmist. I don't necessarily avoid anything, but by eating whole, natural foods most of the time, when you do have that treat or a Pop- Tart or the aforementioned hooker, it is just a tiny portion of your intake so it is not a big deal at all.

If you are eating processed junk every meal, and not eating the whole, sexy foods, then it might not be optimal. Again, this is a nit-picky point and I have no data to support what I am saying, but I think we can all agree that we don't want to purposely add unnecessary things at every single meal.

Bolster your eating plan and fuel your results with quality products from MTS Nutrition, Core Nutritionals and High Performance Nutrition.

Reason #3 - More Filling Foods

There was a book that was mildly popular that promoted Volumetrics." Essentially, less calorically dense foods like lettuce and tomatoes were used instead of meats and cheeses and junk food, since they were more voluminous - meaning you ate more but consumed fewer calories.

Noting that I am not asking you to go on a lettuce diet, you would be much more hard-pressed to overeat with chicken and oatmeal versus Count Chocula Cereal and Pork Ribs smothered in BBQ sauce. By eating clean bro foods, your chances of indulging to the point of not being able to see your penis because your stomach is in the way are very low.

Reason #4 - Better Digestion

Bro foods tend to have more fiber. From an anecdotal, personal standpoint, they go through me quite well and digestion is better with chicken and rice with some broccoli as opposed to a Double-Double from In N Out.although if eating a Double-Double the indigestion is worth it.

Thus, for me, eating bro makes me poop better and feel better and less bloated.

Reason #5 - Performance

marc-loblinerMarc Lobliner, MTS Nutrition CEO and CMO of Tiger Fitness

Doug Miller, Sean Torbati and I just spent a week in Australia together eating all bro foods. As you have seen on the TigerFitness YouTube channel (click here to subscribe), we worked expos, flew 26 hours each way, and trained like madmen in the gym. I credit our DIETS with 99% of this.

Have you ever trained after a CRAP MEAL of fried food? You feel sluggish, weak and nasty. I eat clean all day and lately have two scoops of MTS Nutrition Epic Gains pre-workout, and I feel light, clean, healthy and ready to - as Doug says - CRUSH IT!

And while I do not feel everyone needs post-workout nutrition, taking Doug's Core PWO right after training, Sean's P3, my CLASH or Doug's CORE FURY pre-workout with Machine Fuel or CORE ABC during training, we feel great and keep the epic fuel flowing all through the training. Since training is the catalyst for all things GAINS, might as well fuel that train and be optimal!

Wrap Up

I have just come out of the closet. While my diet is FLEXIBLE and I do not adhere to the meal plan approach and the other stupid NPC-TARD folklore, I still eat clean, or what many would consider bro.

If you like the aforementioned BRO-benefits, try my style of dieting out. If you feel like something fun, fit it in your macros. But if you are all about optimal, eat a VARIETY of bro foods and enjoy the day!

What are bro-foods? Common sense should tell you they are non-processed, whole foods. ENJOY these but enjoy different kinds as limiting food choice can have nutritional deficiencies even if eating bro and that is another article topic we will touch on later!

Because eating bro for benefits, but not being an NPC-Tard.That's Not A Game!
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