10 Reasons Girls Love a Dude Who Lifts

10 Reasons Girls Love a Dude Who Lifts

Alright ladies, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. As much as us guys love lifting - because we want to look like Spartan warriors, or garner the ability to deadlift a small automobile - we all started lifting for one simple reason: to impress you.

Girls love a dude who lifts. Ladies, remember how you wanted to date the captain of the football team? Why did you want to date him again? Oh yea, because he had muscle and looked like he had been hitting the weights years before puberty.

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Remember all those romantic comedies you dragged us to? The main character was always shredded. You were drooling into your popcorn bucket every time he took his shirt off.

Well, guess what? We wanted to be that guy, so we signed up for a gym membership the very next day.

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10 Reasons Women Prefer a Guy Who Lifts

But, there's more than one reason why girls love a dude who lifts. Here are 10 more reasons:

#1 - Lifters Love Grocery Shopping

If you are with a dude who lifts you will never have to go to the grocery store again. First, we are too scared to let you go to the grocery store alone. We are afraid you'll only buy one pound of chicken and a 6 pack of eggs. This isn't enough gains to last us for the week. It's barely enough protein to get us through Monday's breakfast.

Second, you'll never have to make a list of what you need from the grocery store. Why? Because there's a 99% chance we have literally bought everything in the store, so you are covered. We may not know how to do calculus, but we definitely understand one equation.

More Food = More Gains

#2 - Ladies...Nobody's Going to F#$% With You

Some guy trying to creep on you at the bar? Some sunglass-kiosk-mall-guy trying to pick up on you? Some guy trying to scold you because you brought 16 items into the 15 items or less line?

All you have to do is point at your guy and say, "Umm yea, that's my man", and they will immediately walk away. Your guy's gains will do all the talking.
Hot Girls Who Lift

#3 - Lifters Understand Commitment

A guy who is committed and dedicated to his workout routine shows he has the ability to commit to something and stick with it. He's not a quitter.

If he's willing to commit himself to his gains then you know he has the ability to commit himself to you.

#4 - Gifting is a Slam Dunk

If you're dating or married to a dude who lifts, then any anniversary, holiday, or birthday celebration is a slam dunk for you. You never have to stress about what to get him because there are 5 things he will never stop wanting:
  • New workout shoes
  • New workout clothes
  • New supplements
  • New workout equipment
  • Supplement store gift card
Your days of worrying about picking out the perfect gift are over.

#5 - Lifters Care About Their Health

Guys who lift have a sense of their own well-being. They take the right steps every day to improve both their physical appearance and physical health.

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Ladies, think about it. A guy who lifts is going to live longer AND is still going to have an Adonis-like body even when you're collecting Social Security checks.

#6 - You Can Show Him Off

As with anything, girls like to show off their new stuff and make their friends jealous: new shoes, new purse, new car. Girls love being with a dude who lifts because they can show him off.

When you're going to the pool or going on that Mexico vacation with your friends, you know your guy isn't going to be the one splashing around in the water with his T-shirt still on. Your girlfriends will be jealous and straight mirin, and you'll be proud you're with a dude who lifts.

#7 - He Cooks

The chances are very high that if you're with a dude who knows how to lift, then he also knows how to cook. And, dinner is always ready for you around the time you get home from work. Your guy is either eating his pre-workout meal, post-workout meal, or getting his last meal in before bed time.

Even if he's not the greatest cook, or doesn't have the widest cooking range, you can always count on a perfect chicken, rice, and asparagus meal. That's one meal your guy will never mess up.

#8 - You Get to Try New Food

SilverwareA dude who lifts has a variety of goals, but his main goal will always be food.

We're always looking for new food to try. New restaurant just opened up and they serve zebra burgers? Have to go. Steakhouse serves a 50 ounce steak? I can eat that. Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich? I'd like to buy all of them please.

Girls, when you're with a dude who lifts you reap the benefits. He's always going to want to try some new type of food or new restaurant, and you'll be right there with him enjoying your own zebra burger with a side of 30 ice cream sandwiches.

#9 - He Loves Outdoor Activities

While your guy is going to spend a decent amount of time in the gym, he's not going to be sitting on his butt during his off days or active rest days. He will want to do something active with you like go on a hike or take a boxing class or go paddle boarding.

You'll never be bored or stuck at home doing nothing because when your dude isn't at the gym he will want to do anything that assists with maintaining his gains.

#10 - He Looks Good

Alright ladies. let's stop pretending you only look for inner beauty in a guy and you're not at all a little shallow. If you weren't, they wouldn't be making movies like Magic Mike.

One of the top reasons you love a dude who lifts is because straight up he looks good. You're physically attracted to him. And, when you're with a dude addicted to the iron there's a strong chance he's going to look like that for a long time.

So, ladies, stop looking for that Prince Charming and start searching for King Iron, because deep down you know you love a dude who lifts.
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