For Women - Fat Burning Power Without the Jitters

For Women - Fat Burning Power Without the Jitters

Alright, ladies! This one’s for you. Reducing your body fat percentage is challenging for everyone, sure, but it can sometimes be even more daunting for women. Let’s not focus on that. Fat doesn’t care about gender. And a woe-is-me attitude won’t lead you to victory in this title bout against fat.

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So, let’s approach this like a boxer would a worthy opponent: Study, measure, visualize and execute.


Alright. Let’s study your opponent.

Fat. It’s such a broad term. There’s the good and bad: HDL vs LDL and unsaturated vs saturated. But when it comes to triglycerides, there are no good or bad, just triglycerides (a.k.a. the fat in your blood).

When you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, your body breaks down the fats and carbs for energy. But if there’s too much, your body stores it in those special places: hips, arms, stomach, legs, etc. [1]

To lose fat, any doctor will tell you to exercise more, eat less bad fats and cholesterol and cut back on carbs. Too much alcohol consumption is a big factor as well. [1]

But if you’ve done all this and you’re still looking to increase your fat burn, maybe it’s time to look into a non-stimulant fat burner like MTS Nutrition’s Machine Lean. It’s a fat burner that you can use with your pre-workouts to increase that fat burn.
More to come on that, but first, let’s discuss some good ways to measure your body fat.

Machine Lean

Easy Ways to Measure Body Fat

Moving right along to the next steps before our heavyweight bout: Measure and visualize.

You have to know what your body fat percentage is and then where you want to be at. Think of it as measuring your boxing skills and then visualizing your opponent face down on the canvas.

So how do you measure body fat?

There are a bunch of fancy scales out there these days, but they may not be the most accurate ways to measure body fat percentage.

These first two do-it-yourself ways can give you a more accurate reading. Do keep in mind that all methods have some degree of error.

Skinfold Calipers

This method has been used for nearly half a century. You pinch your fat and use the caliper to measure the thickness of that roll. For women, you measure 3 or 7 areas. For the 3, measure your triceps, above the hip bone, and thigh or abdomen. If you want to measure all 7, include the chest, armpit and beneath your shoulder blades. [2]

Body Circumference

This one’s all about the shape of your body and I’m not talking about the romanticized version Ed Sheeran is singing about.

You take the measurements of your neck, waist, and hips and compare that to your age and height. Plug those numbers into one of the many body circumference calculators out there and there you go. It’s easy and affordable, but just like calipers, it all depends on the person taking the measurements. [2]

There are a bunch of other methods that can’t be done in the comfort of your home. These also have some percentage of error, but if you have the time or resources go for it. Here they are:

Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA)

This method uses 2 energies to scan your entire body to determine body fat. Don’t worry, it’s safe. [2]

Hydrostatic Weighing

This one uses a pool of water big enough to submerge your entire body in. Once submerged, you exhale as much air as you can and you are weighed. You do the same thing on land, but this time the air left in your lungs is measured. These readings will determine your body fat. [2]

Air Displacement Plethysmography (Bod Pod)

If you like sci-fi, then this one’s for you. You’re placed inside a chamber shaped like an egg and the air pressure inside is altered. This one is accurate but super expensive. Unless you have your own egg-shaped, pressurized chamber lying around. [2]

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) & Bioimpedance Spectroscopy (BIS)
Zap! Electrodes play catch with electrical currents that pass-through muscle and fat. The BIA machine reads the effects of the currents on your body and spits out your body composition. The difference between the two is just the machines reading the information. BIA isn’t as accurate as BIS. [2]

Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM)

This one is similar to the previous two, but sends those small electric currents through smaller parts of the body and spits out the results. [2]

3-D Body Scanners

Have you ever been to the theater and watched a 3D movie? This is nothing like that. It’s more like the machine that scans your entire body at the airport, circling all around you. It produces an image for a good idea of your body fat percentage. [2]

Multi-Compartment Models

This last method is known to get the most accurate readings. It uses multiple tests that measure body mass, body water, body volume and bone content. Error rate: 1%. [2]

Now it’s time to determine your goal.

Here’s a breakdown of what low and healthy body fat percentiles for women should be by age: [5]


  • Age 19-29 = under 19%
  • Age 30-39 = under 21%
  • Age 40-49 = under 24%
  • Age 50+ = under 28%


  • Age 19-29 = 19-22%
  • Age 30-39 = 20-24%
  • Age 40-49 = 23-27%
  • Age 50+ = 27-31%

Let's Burn Some Fat

You’re done studying and you know how you measure up and what your goal is. Now it’s time to execute. Aside from regular, intense, oxidizing workouts, here are 7 ingredients you can use to burn fat.



Where do most people get their caffeine? Coffee, tea and chocolate. Increasing your metabolism is important when burning fat and caffeine does that. For most people, drinking a couple cups of coffee a day isn’t a problem; and that’s the best way to reap the fat-burning benefits of this commonly-used drug. [3]

Green Tea Extract

Alright coffee, drinkers don’t scroll past this section, because there’s a real benefit from this concentrated form of the popular drink. It helps burn fat by kicking your system into overdrive to burn calories for heat. It’s called thermogenesis. This extract plus caffeine (yes, keep drinking your coffee) can help you burn more calories per day. [3]

Are your hands shaking already just thinking about that much caffeine? No worries. MTS Nutrition created a non-stimulant fat burner called Machine Lean. It uses decaffeinated green tea so you get all the thermogenesis goodness without the jitters. [4]

But if you’re not a coffee drinker, 3-5 cups of green tea per day will do the trick. [3]


Your thyroid is responsible for how fast or slow your metabolism is. Forskolin is a powerful active from the coleus forskohlii herb that stimulates your thyroid. It also takes all those fatty acids in your fatty tissues and releases them. Your body then uses that fat for energy.

That’s also why MTS Nutrition’s Machine Lean is so powerful. It contains this powerful fat burner and also helps you hold onto all that lean muscle you’ve been building. [4]

Protein Powder

We all know about the power of protein for building lean muscle, but did you know it’s good for burning fat too? Yep. It speeds metabolism and makes it easier to resist taking down a full meat-lovers pizza all by yourself.

Getting your protein from whole foods is the best way, but life happens, and you may need to turn to a supplement to make your diet high-protein. There are many kinds of protein powders out there: Whey, casein, soy, egg, and hemp are the most popular. [3]

Don’t overlook the power of protein to burn fat.


Sound familiar? You may be thinking of capsicum—the herb commonly referred to as red pepper or chili pepper. [6]

Capsimax, an ingredient in MTS Nutrition’s Machine Lean Non-Stimulant Fat Burner, is different because it won’t irritate your stomach like the herb can. But it will boost your metabolism, decrease appetite, improve your waist to hip ratio and help you burn 100 more calories a day when at rest. [4]

Soluble Fiber

Similar to protein, soluble fiber can help you burn fat by making you feel fuller longer and reduce cravings. But what’s the difference between soluble and insoluble? [3]

Soluble increases PYY and GLP-1 hormones and reduces ghrelin—better known as the hunger hormone. It also helps your body take its sweet time digesting and absorbing nutrients so you feel fuller between meals. And when it comes to calorie absorption, soluble fiber may help with that for a little extra fat-burning bump. [3]

Olive Leaf

No matter our gender, we all want a nice flat, muscular abdomen. MTS Nutrition’s Machine Lean contains olive leaf. And olive leaf pin-points that stubborn stomach fat and burns it away. [4]

The Skinny on Fat Burners

Study. Measure. Visualize. Execute. You’ve studied fat; you know what it is; you know what it does. You also know how to measure your body fat percentage, giving you a good idea of how much fat you have to lose to reach your goals. And you know what you have to do to get there.

Drink coffee, drink green tea, eat your protein and soluble fiber—this is all good—but remember this ladies: Everyone needs a little help when burning fat. And having MTS Nutrition’s Machine Lean in your corner is a guaranteed KO.


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