Best Fat Burner For Women

Best Fat Burner For Women

Toned, tight, and lean. These are three characteristics that can make any woman feel like a million bucks. The only problem is the road to get to that promised land of lean sexiness is fraught with temptation, torture, and trouble at every turn.

You can hit the gym regularly, train intensely, and diet appropriately, but sometimes those last few stubborn pounds won't come off, no matter how hard you may be working. That's where a high quality fat burner can come to the rescue. Having an effective thermogenic supplement can enhance fat loss and make those last five pounds slide off as easy as the first five did.

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However, navigating the aisles of fat burners at the store is as much trouble sometimes as sticking to your diet. So, how do you choose the best fat burner and avoid the litany of pixie-dusted ones out there?

Simple, follow our women's guide to the best fat burners on the market.

We've got it all laid out for you, from the most effective, clinically-proven ingredients all the way to the best fat burners you can find on the shelves. All it costs you is a few minutes of your time, which will save hours of stress and pain later on.


Good, because we're about to dive down the best fat burner rabbit hole!
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Benefits of a Great Fat Burner

  • Increases energy
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Crushed cravings
  • Revs up metabolism
  • Zero jitters or crash
  • Accelerates fat burning (a.k.a. lipolysis)
  • Tones and tightens
  • Enhances mood

Best Fat Burning Ingredients

This guide is here to not only tell you which products are the best fat burners out there but also equip you with the knowledge so you know which ingredients to look for when choosing from the multitude of weight loss aids out there.

Here's a list of the most proven ingredients for fat loss which should be included in any thermogenic supplement you select:


Like all of the best pre workouts, the best, most effective fat burning supplements begin with caffeine. it's great for increasing energy, focus, and mood, but most importantly, it also enhances lipolysis, a.k.a. breakdown of fatty acids. [1] When the body engages lipolysis, you essentially are burning fat for fuel, which is exactly what you want when trying to lose that last few pounds.

Additionally, caffeine also helps suppress hunger cravings, which keeps you on track with your diet and helps you avoid binging on pints of Ben & Jerry's in the late evening.

The key here with caffeine is the dosing. Some is good (200-300mg depending on your tolerance), too much is really unnecessary and just leads to jitters, anxiety, and a nasty crash a few hours later. Remember caffeine is only one component of fat loss.


Found in Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange), Synephrine is a powerful beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist that ramps up fat burning by stimulating lipolysis. Synephrine liberates stored fatty acids to be used by the body as a source of energy, transforming you into a fat burning machine.

Moreover, synephrine is also an effective performance enhancer, as it increases energy, blunts fatigue, and decreases the rate of perceived exertion -- allowing you to work out at higher intensities for longer periods of time without succumbing to fatigue. [12][13][14] This translates to more effective workouts, leading to increased calorie burning and faster fat loss.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Consumed for thousands of years, and prized for its beneficial effects on overall health, green tea extract is also a powerful ally in the war on fat. Green Tea extract is frequently found in fat burners as it's an incredibly powerful ingredient for enhancing fatty acid oxidation, a.k.a. fat burning. [5][6]

what's really great about green tea, is that it synergizes with caffeine, and when used together, the fat-burning effects are significantly enhanced. [7] The power of green tea's fat loss is due to the catechins contained in its leaves -- EGCG being the most potent and well-known of the catechins.

Green tea also enhances weight loss by acting as a carb blocker of sorts. Its able to inhibit the body's absorption of various forms of carbohydrates due to its interactions with an assortment of digestive enzymes in the body, effectively neutralizing the body's ability to break carbs down for energy.

Yohimbine HCl

A love-it / hate-it ingredient, Yohimbine is another proven fat loss ingredient that functions just a tad bit different than the previous ingredients described so far. Derived from the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree, yohimbine is an alkaloid that functions as a fat storage blocker, via its actions as an alpha-2-adrenergic receptor blocking agent.

Yohimbine is great for "stubborn" fat loss, as it increases noradrenaline release[9], which suppresses appetite, while also increasing lipolysis and energy expenditure ("calorie burning"). It also inhibits a regulatory process in adipocytes (fat cells), which typically hinders fat burning. [10][11][12][13]

The real trick with Yohimbine is to only use a high-quality yohimbe bark extract standardized for 98% yohimbine. This avoids many of the negative side effects (anxiety, jitters, agitation, dizziness, etc.) often attributed to Yohimbine use. Using a premium quality extract of yohimbe gives you all the great benefits without any of the nasty side effects or weird sensations of lower quality extracts.


Forskolin is active constituent of the herb Coleus forskohlii that is one of the truly effective non-stimulant fat loss ingredients out there. The reason forskolin is so popular in fat burners is that it helps increase lean mass (i.e. build muscle) and decrease fat mass all without exerting any stimulatory effects on the CNS. Moreover, forskolin is able to build muscle and lose fat in dieters which is remarkable considering you're in a calorie deficit while trying to lose weight! [14][15][16]

Forskolin exerts its effects via increasing cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) levels in the body. cAMP is a powerful cell-signaling molecule which, when elevated, simulates the effects of exercise in cells in regards to increasing the activity of mitochondrial enzymes in the body. [17]

Basically, forskolin will increase muscle protein synthesis, fatty acid oxidation, and basal metabolic rate, all without the use of stimulants. it's ideal for dropping those last few pounds or for those on a tight recomping venture.

Best Fat Burners for Women

Ok, now the portion of the guide you've all really been waiting for. what's the best fat burner for women?

The wait is over, here you go!

MTS Drop Factor

Drop Factor

Click here to order Drop Factor now.

There's a reason MTS Nutrition Drop Factor is first on the list of the best fat burners for women. It features full doses of several of the most effective fat burning ingredients detailed above, all transparently dosed.

Drop Factor will effectively increase fat burning, energy, focus, and mood all without the jitters or anxiety of other fat burners on the market. Each serving provides an extremely appropriate 250mg along with TeaCrine® for smooth, long-lasting energy to go along with a full complement of proven, clinically-backed fat burning ingredients including Forskolin, Yohimbine, and Cayenne Pepper Extract.

You want safe and fast fat loss, MTS Drop Factor is your go-to choice!


NutraBio ThermoFuel V9


Click here to order Thermo Fuel V.9.

NutraBio has come to be known as one of the leaders in quality, purity, and transparency in the industry. Their products are always open-label, and effectively dosed. ThermoFuel is no exception.

ThermoFuel ramps up thermogenesis and metabolic rate so losing those last few pounds never felt easier. Due to the number of temperature-raising ingredients in Thermofuel, such as cayenne pepper, expect to be feeling the heat with this fat burner.

PES Shift

PES Shift

Click here to order PES Shift now.[/caption]

The lone caffeine-free option on the list. PES Shift is ideal for those who are particularly sensitive to caffeine or happen to be on a break from caffeine but still want to get the benefits of a top quality fat burner.

Shift combines two of the most powerful weight loss ingredients in Forskolin and Citrus Aurantium to enhance lipolysis and transform your body into a fat burning machine. Also included are Olive leaf extract and Aframomum Melegueta (Grains of Paradise) extract which further accelerate fat loss and crank up your internal temperature, so expect to really feel the burn with this one.


Fat loss is difficult enough its own; it doesn't need to be further complicated by trying to sort out the truly effective supplements out there from the completely useless ones. This guide serves to provide all the info you need to choose the best fat burner for women and get on the road looking your tightest, trimmest, sexiest self!
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Good read! I’m going to buy the MTS Drop Factor for my girlfriend to help her reach her goal! she’s already down 25lbs!

Jose Mendoza - October 25, 2017

Going to buy this for my girlfriend. She’s dropped 20lbs without a fat burner in 2 and a half months. A good fat burner will help her lose the last 10lbs to reach her goal weight

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