Do Body Wraps Work, and Are They a Scam?

Do Body Wraps Work, and Are They a Scam?

Body wraps are all the rave it seems, and for good reason. They promise instant results with no work. And in today's convenience society, what a better way to get people to do something than to guarantee inches off of their flabby tummy in minutes?

Here are just some claims I found with a quick Google search when asking: Do body wraps work?

?See how it can Tighten, Tone, and Firm in as little as 45 minutes*!?

?Heal your body from the inside out with our ultimate Detox Clay Body Wrap. A patented formula from Brazilian Slimming Tea. Brazilian Slimming Body Wraps promote natural inch loss, and contains the 5 keys to kill cellulite.?

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Some more claims are:
  • Slimmer tummy
  • Detoxification
  • Localized fat loss
  • Better health
  • Cellulite reduction
Any of you who know me know that I hate scams. I hate scam artists and I especially hate when scam artists take advantage of people?s weakness - physical appearance - to rip them off. So it is no surprise that I already addressed this two years ago on our YouTube channel:

Basically, they wrap you in seaweed, mud, clay or creams and lotions. Some do infrared light, some wrap you tight (called compression) in towels or wraps, and some put you in a hot room.

Do these work and do they cause you to lose weight? The answer is... YES!

You will lose weight. Water weight. You will be dehydrated.

Cellulite is simply fat, no different than any other fat, and the reduction in water might cause reduced water weight, and a temporary localized decrease in mass. There is no real change, just change in fluid balance, which will even out sooner or later... Well, it will even out sooner.

As far as the claims of ?detoxifying,? it will make you sweat since you are wrapped up like a mentally-challenged mummy, but sweat does not equal getting rid of toxins or else everyone in Florida would have the cleanest, toxin-free bodies possible.

In fact, it might do the opposite for calorie burning. By wrapping your body and abs tight, it will cause your muscles to relax and not support your body as you would by standing up. Thus, not only will it not help you lose more fat, for the 20-40 or whatever minutes you are being mummified, you might even burn less calories!

Hilarious, right?

Body Wraps - The Scam is Up

I would be the first person to wrap my body in infrared light and rub seaweed juice on my thighs if it indeed caused easy, permanent fat loss. But as we have seen with all fitness fads in the past, if it sounds too good to be true, it is actually horrible. So what is the secret to permanent fat loss?

Diet and training.

I know, I know. Too much, right? The good news is that we have the tools right here at to help you with those lofty goals of sexy.


You can either do a meal plan or a macro-based diet. Here is a video on the subject.

For a macro-based diet, start by finding your TDEE:
Once you have your TDEE, use that information to find your macros for your goals.
For meal plans, all you need is this free book.


There are a couple of options I recommend that you will love?but the key is to find what you love to do whether it is CrossFit or bicycling - find an exercise routine you will stick to!

Buyer Beware

If something looks easy yet yields epic results, it is most likely a scam. Thus, stick to hard work and smart dieting to reach your health and physique goals. Because wrapping yourself up like a mummy to lose fat... That's not a game!
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