Booty Workout - Train Your Backside Like a Dude

Booty Workout - Train Your Backside Like a Dude

Hip thrusters with no weight, air squats with our butts so far out we end up looking like Kim Kardashian from the back, glute standing kick backs... These exercises are a quick example of things you don’t see dudes doing in the gym.

Why? Well, let me explain.

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I think that we (I am speaking to all my female counterparts out there) have been brainwashed that we can’t train like a man. When I first started to train, I looked up how a woman should weight train. What came up was lots of donkey kicks and air squats. etc.

In a lot of these videos, I thought the way to squat was with your butt so far out that you almost fell over every time you did it. Now, these exercises are awesome, and am not downing them. But if you want to make gains, especially in your backside, there are some things that guys do that could really benefit us women and our gains.

Train Your Booty Like a Boy

1. Barbell hip thrusts

This exercise is being done by both men and women for max booty gains.

I mean, girls, look up the glute master, Bret Contreras who is a huge proponent for the hip thrust. The hip thrust gives us optimal hip extension, engages our glutes more and supposedly increases power and strength in your butt.

2. Deadlift

The standard deadlift targets the glutes, the quads and hammies with the added bonus of making the muscles of your lower back stronger as well as the abs.

This is what is called a compound exercise - it works many different muscles at the same time.

3. Squat

Some argue that this is king of the compound exercises. It works the quads, hammies and glutes as well as abs, too. It is the staple of any leg day program.

Now, you can add in a bunch of accessories that help form your backside, but honestly, the big three for your butt really work wonders. There is no reason that you should not train your backside like a dude does.

Compound exercises are really important to add in the beginning of your leg day as well, because it poops you out faster than some of those donkey kicks your doing ad nauseam.

What I like to do is have two leg days a week. I do one hamstring/glute day and one quad day.

For me, I incorporate a combination of the above three on each day; on hamstring/glute day I will do barbell hip thrusts with stiff-legged deadlifts and other various supporting exercises in combination with these heavy hitters. On quad day, I do a standard heavy squat, I do standard dead lifts and then hit quads with machines or other various accessory exercises.

Final Thoughts

These exercises should be incorporated into everybody’s leg day box of tricks. It is not necessary for us women to train any differently then men.

If anything, we should continue to lift heavy to make maximum booty gains so that we can fill out our britches!

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