The Comprehensive Bikini Competitor Checklist

The Comprehensive Bikini Competitor Checklist

Competing and getting on stage in itself can be very overwhelming. Throw in preparation for that day in the means of what do you need to bring, prepare etc can really make life even more stressful. Especially for a first time competitor who has never been through the process before.

Hopefully this bikini prep checklist can help everyone out and simplify your peak week prep!

Bikini Competitor Checklist

OCB bikini posing featuring Kara Corey.

Apointments to Make

  • Bikini wax (Trust me you do not want to shave that area- it's not cute) Make this appointment for 4-5 days prior to your spray tan appointment)
  • Spray tan & touch ups
  • Hair and makeup appointment for show day if you aren?t doing your own
  • Nails if you prefer to not do them yourself
  • Polygraph (if required for natural organizations)

To Do?s

  • TicketsGet tickets for family early in case the show sells out
  • Go grocery shopping for any food items you will need or want for show day ? Be over prepared with food as you never know how late a show will run
  • Make sure you have your membership card for the organization you are competing in (NPC, OCB, etc)
  • Make sure you have provided the show promoter music of your choice if that's something requested
  • Know ahead of time where to park and where you need to go exactly on show day!

Show Day Items

  • Loose fit clothing to wear to the show with flip flops or Uggs.
  • Silk robe to wear backstage.
  • Outfit to wear after the show if you plan on going straight to dinner.
  • Cooler with food and fluids for the day (be over prepared!)
  • Your bikini and a spare in case of mishaps (if you have one).
  • Your stage jewelry.
  • Stage shoes (and again a spare pair to be safe).
  • Stand up mirror ? some events don't have mirrors backstage so don't take that chance!
  • Baby oil & plastic baggies or gloves to grease yourself up.
  • Bikini Bite.
  • Pee cups ? Styrofoam cups work perfect- you want to make a hole in the bottom of the cup and use it to pee in when going to the bathroom so you don't get splash marks! Any amount of liquid will leave marks on your spray tan.
  • Tampons to be safe ? I?ve randomly started spotting the day of a show so come prepared!
  • Hair products for touch ups ? hairspray, teasing comb etc.
  • If you wear contacts bring an extra pair ? last thing you want is a rip in your contact and not be able to see up on stage.
  • Makeup - Anything for touch up ? lashes/lash adhesive, lipstick, etc.
  • Phone to get pics of your day.
  • Headphones if you want to listen to music.
  • Bands to pump up backstage.
  • Most importantly have your confidence with you ?you've worked so hard for this moment, so slap on a smile and some sass and enjoy your day and everything that happens!
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