Plate Pinch

Exercise Summary
Primary Muscle(s) Forearms
Secondary Muscle(s) None
Equipment Other
Emphasis Isolation
Type Stationary

Plate Pinch Instructions

  • Position your feet just inside shoulder-width.
  • Place a pair of plates outside your feet.
  • Assume a strong lifting position: 
    • Core is braced
    • Glutes are active with knees slightly bent
    • Shoulders pinned back
    • Neutral spine with your ribs stacked on top of your pevlis.
  • Bend/hinge at the hips to grab/pinch the plates with your fingers.
  • Your back remains flat/neutral throughout. There is no arch or rounding in your spine.
  • Hold the plates at your sides for the respective duration.


    • Avoid raising your elbows up or compromising your posture as you fatigue. 
    • Look straight ahead throughout the duration of the exercise. Keep a neutral neck position.
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