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Animal PM. Rest & Recovery. You destroy muscles in the gym, tear them down as you train. You build them back up only when you rest, when you give your body a little "R&R". No time is better for recovery than sleep. The serious and knowledgeable fellas know that sleep time equals growth time. This is why we formulated the most potent, most complete, most up-to-date nighttime (P.M.) anabolic recovery supplement around.

A single pack of the new and forthcoming Animal PM delivers a powerful and comprehensive combination of powerful growth hormone (GH) boosters, immune supporters, recovery agents, anabolic aminos and potent sleep and relaxation enhancers. Animal PM helps you get the most out of your sleep and by doing so, helps your body make the most out of repairing and growing. Think of Animal PM as R&R in a can.

In short Animal PM has:

- Sleep enhancers
- Relaxation herbs
- Recovery agents
- Immune support
- GH boosters

Below is an excerpt from the Project Z testing results article. For the full article please click on the link at the end of article.

First Round Knockout: Project Z Puts Em Down for the Count

The Animal Alpha Testing Program (ATP)... The Animal Nation, comprised of diehard fans and iron warriors, gets collectively pumped when they hear those words. ATP... A testing protocol employed when the fellas in Animal R&D develop a new formula that they see as potentially being worthy of the Animal "A" logo affixed upon the lid. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, man the brothers in the trenches sure as hell take notice.

This time out of the box, the boys at Animal were looking to create a new kind of product. To fill one of the very few gaps in the most comprehensive line in the game with a specialized formula targeted for the very specific needs of hard lifting athletes. While having a clearly delineated purpose and intent, this product could be used to the benefit of bodybuilders on all levels, both rookie or advanced, those dieting or offseason. A recovery product, yes, but so much more.

At Animal, recovery is not a game. Recovery is a matter of gaining or remaining the same... Progress versus stagnation. Animal Nitro, EAA Stack, your average BCAAs - these are all recovery products. But general "recovery" as a category was all too broad and vague. Animal set out to specifically address the recovery needs of the hardest of trainers living life in the real world, a place where sometimes it is hard to find the time to properly recuperate and recharge the old battery, by honing our focus on that most vital of restorative processes: Sleep.

According to the select few that were lucky (and brave) enough to step into the breach and run Project Z up the flagpole, it was a month well spent. A month of sound sleep, a month of peaceful rest, a month of fresh new growth. You a stat guy? You want the cold, hard, numeric truth? A staggering 97% of all testers reported better sleep. 83% noticed reduced muscle soreness. 90% observed better overall recovery. That is data you simply can't mess with. The numbers don't lie.

Project Z ATP Summary
To easily condense it all for you we asked the Alpha Testers to rate their feedback on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being crap and 10 being as good as it gets for the following categories: recovery, sleep, falling asleep, depth of sleep, feeling upon waking up, muscle soreness, energy when awake, stamina, endurance and fatigue. When final data amongst the 40 testers were averaged out and the dust settled, only the truth remained:

Recovery: 9.0
Overall sleep: 9.7
Falling asleep: 8.6
Depth of sleep: 9.1
Feeling upon waking up: 8.8
Muscle soreness: 8.3
Energy during day 8.0
Stamina during training 8.2
Endurance during training: 8.3
Fatigue during training: 8.5

You wanted the truth? You asked for proof? You got it. You wanted to sleep deeper, rest better, recover faster? Animal answered your call and then some. Proven effective in our trenches - the dusty weight rooms from sea to shining sea - Project Z delivered for those chosen few Alpha Testers and promises to do the same for you upon its impending release. Answering the bell with a resounding blow, Project Z knocked out insomnia, fatigue and soreness and floored the Animal Alpha Testers...

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