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Versa Gripps - Professional Series

  • ALL IN ONE - Patented Technology
  • Outperforms Gloves, Hooks, Wrist Supports & Straps
  • Patented Technology makes our Self-Supporting Versa Gripps® PRO the Top-of-the-Line Grip Assist

The Most Advanced, Scientifically Developed Accessory.
Designed for superior strength, durability & double reinforced tough.

Extended Grip Length - allows more of the grip to be wrapped around the bar for a stronger hold & added security; resulting in optimum performance.

Unique "No-Slip" Custom Engineered Material Exclusive to Power Gripps USA. The grip material remains durable while maintaining the superior grip throughout the life of the product. Scientifically designed without bulk specifically to allow the athlete to feel a connection with the weight. Patented technology for the mind & muscle connection.

Wide 1 1/2" Wrist Strap sewn with high-density foam with a hook & loop closure for excellent wrist support. Adjustable wrist support keeps the wrist in the correct position while training.

Innovative Wrist Support ergonomically developed to promote circulation to the hand while eliminating nerve damage.

Extra-Heavy Duty Steel Buckle on the wrist strap for Superior Strength.

Maximum Hand Protection from calluses

Hypo-allergenic, Anti-bacterial & Anti-microbial

* Excellent Choice for the Serious Lifter * For Men and Women

Versa Gripps sizing chart – Measure wrist circumference
X-Small: 5– 6” Small: 6– 7” Reg/Large: 7– 8” XLg: 8”+

Versa Gripps Correct Sizing Chart: One Size Does Not Fit All

How do I determine the correct size for my wrist?
To determine the correct size of Versa Gripps please wrap the tape measure all the way around your wrist (directly over your wrist bone). The size of Versa Gripps is not determined by your hand size but your wrist circumference. Use this link below to print off a life-size ruler you can cut around and use to measure around your wrist. (See the Picture Below for the Correct Placement of the tape measure around your wrist.)

Printable Paper Ruler

Pictured above is an example of a 6 inch Wrist

Does one size fit all?
No. The sizes are based on your wrist circumference. The only difference in the sizes is the length of the strap around your wrist. If you order a size that is too big, then the wrist strap will be too long and the hook & loop will not adequately align. Please see our size chart.

How tight should Versa Gripps fit around my wrists?
Versa Gripps are ergonomically designed to fit snug, but not tight, around your wrists.

How far up on my extended hand, should the top of the grip come?
After putting on the Versa Grip, hold your hand up facing you. The top of the gripping portion should land just above the first knuckle of your index and middle finger, from the base of your fingers. If you want it longer, simply loosen the wrist strap slightly, and allow the end of the gripping portion to move toward the tip of your fingers.

What STYLE of Versa Gripps should I buy?
This depends upon how you workout, your personal preferences, your wrist circumference and hand size.

The FIT Series is designed to meet the needs of a smaller built person. The gripping portion is made of a unique "no slip" custom engineered material made exclusively for Power Gripps USA. This is the same material used on the Pro Series as well. This material is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Designed for an ultra-sleek fit, the Fit Gripps have been scaled down to a more user-friendly size for a smaller hand. The strap around the wrist is 1" wide as opposed to the Classic or Pro Series wrist strap which measured 1 ½" wide. The narrower strap allows for greater wrist flexibility. Excellent choice for frequent lifting and all around training for that sculpted and toned look.

* Excellent Choice for Frequent Lifting & All-Around Training *

Versa Gripps sizing chart - Measure wrist circumference
X-Small: 4 3/4" - 5 1/2" Small: 5 3/4" - 6 1/2" Reg/Large: 6 1/2" - 7 3/4"

The Classic Series is a good overall product. The wrist strap is 1 ½" wide and the gripping portion is longer than the Fit Grip and a bit shorter than the Pro Series. The gripping portion, the section that wraps around the bar, is textured and slightly thicker than the Fit and Pro Series. Excellent choice for frequent lifting and all around training.

* Excellent Choice for Frequent Lifting & Weight Training * For Men and Women

Versa Gripps sizing chart – Measure wrist circumference
X-Small: 5– 6” Small: 6– 7” Reg/Large: 7– 8” XLg: 8”+

The Professional Series is our top of the line product. The gripping portion is made of a unique "no-slip" custom engineered material made exclusively for Power Gripps USA. This material is very grippy as well as being hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. It is extra reinforced strong and the gripping portion is a bit longer than the Classic Style for added security. Excellent choice for the serious lifter.

* Excellent Choice for the Serious Lifter * For Men and Women

Versa Gripps sizing chart – Measure wrist circumference
X-Small: 5– 6” Small: 6– 7” Reg/Large: 7– 8” XLg: 8”+

4.9 / 5.0
176 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
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1 Star
4.2 / 5
4.3 / 5
4.9 / 5
Delivery Speed
4.9 / 5
Really helpfull during the workout.
Really helpfull during the workout. You can get better results focusing more the muscle during the set.
February 3, 2015
Versa Gripps Pro
I love these!!! They took a few gym sessions to break-in, but when they did it was night and day compared to standard gloves and straps. I'll never go back!
September 23, 2013
5 / 5
5 / 5
Delivery Speed
5 / 5
Take your back day to the next level
Have been using them for weeks now and wouldn’t do back day without them. It saves your grip strength during your workout. I’ve been able to pull more weight since using them. Not one negative about this product
June 10, 2018
Age: 25-44
5 months ago
Fitness Goal:
Build Muscle
Versa Gripps
Best wrist straps out there. Easy to put on your hand on the bar. Once you have it on there, there's no letting go! Versa Gripps are built to last. They're definitely worth every penny, one of the best investments I've made for my lifting equipment.
September 24, 2013
Great investment!
Works like a charm. Drastically increased in performance on both dead lifts and pulling exercise.
October 29, 2013
Versa Gripps PRO
Amazing Product and very fast delivery!! Marc and his team never disappoint
September 25, 2013
just amazing!
love love the versa grips! they are comfortable and durable help me focus the weight on my back and not my forearm quick and easy to use.. perfect!
July 11, 2014
very helpful with shrugs and
very helpful with shrugs and other pulling motions
January 21, 2015
I really love these! Way
I really love these! Way better than straps!
January 13, 2015
Versa Gripps Pro
I am 100% satisfied with this tiger product. The overall quality of the product is remarkable and shipping was in a timely manner with the awesome buy safe guarantee program. These are the best wrist straps that I've ever purchased and would recommend these to any trainer who would like to see real results. I cannot express how much it's improved my training and look forward to buying more awesome products from Tiger Fitness. You definitely pay for what you want from Tiger Fitness, thank you!
February 19, 2014
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Browse 9 questions Browse 9 questions and 21 answers
I have 7" wrists exactly. Would you recommend the Small (6-7) or Regular (7-8)?
A shopper on Nov 17, 2014
BEST ANSWER: My wrists are 5.5" and I wish I ordered the small. I got the xsmall and although I can use them, they fit tight. I'd recommend a regular.
I am looking at buying the PRO line and my wrists are 7" exact. According to the sizing chart I could go either way (small or reg/large). I have never used these. Which size would you go with?
A shopper on Nov 16, 2014
BEST ANSWER: You'll probably be okay with either size. However, if you really want to be safe, you may want to get the smaller size. The wristbands can be expanded quite a bit but can only go so small. In other words, there is a "hard stop" beyond which the wristband cannot be tightened further.
What's the difference between these in the classics?
A shopper on Jun 24, 2013
BEST ANSWER: versa gripps enable you to grip a bar and maintain the grip much more easily than the old style wrist wraps. With the old style, once you tighten up the grip on one hand, it's almost impossible to get the same tight grip on the other hand without someone else assisting you. with versagripps, it's easy to set up the grip and very easy to maintain that grip during the set without any slippage. These are the best wrist wraps I have ever used.
left wrist is 6.5, right is 6.75 inches, small or regular sz versa gripps?
A shopper on Sep 13, 2013
BEST ANSWER: My wrist is 6” and I love my small pro series versa gripps. I have purchased sets for all my children and also bought a few as gifts. I will not do a back workout or leg work out without them. I can do wide grip chins with two fingers using these grips. I absolutely love love love them!
I'm on the fence with sizing for the pro version. The answer to my question came up some years ago, so I thought I'd get some more recent feedback. Wrists measured at exactly 7". Should I buy the small or regular?

Thank you!
Anthony M on Oct 15, 2015
BEST ANSWER: regular
Not sure which versa gripp to purchase.... I am a female and have a 6 inch wrist, lift and do pull ups 3 to 4 times per week which is creating fatigue on my hands and forearms. What would you suggest?
A shopper on May 7, 2014
BEST ANSWER: These are a popular choice amongst women. When it comes to the size of your wrist and what will fit best I would recommend going with the Smalls.
I got a 6" Wrist, what size should I go with? X-Small or Small?
Credz on Apr 28, 2014
BEST ANSWER: x-small would work but small would be your best bet.
how expensive their shipping costs ?
A shopper on Mar 31, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It all depends on the shipping method that you choose. Priority shipping starts around $5.35 and standard ground shipping starts at $7.50.
my wrist measures at 7 inches should i go with small 6-7 or regular 7-8?
A shopper on Apr 29, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Regular should be safe!

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