Vasogen XT

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VMI Sports Vasogen XT

Looking to get those vein popping pumps that make everyone in the gym stare? You can finally stop searching because VMI Sports has done just that and formulated a high quality nitric oxide pump enhancer called Vasogen XT. This product uses the highest grade ingredients such as Hawthorn Berry powder, Pine Bark Extract, Theobromine, ViNitrox‚ĄĘ and AgmaPure‚ĄĘ Agmatine Sulfate to help create THE BEST muscle swell and pump that you've ever had! Get your hands on yours today and experience the magic of this product!

Highlights of VMI Sports Vasogen XT:

  • Top Rated Nitric Oxide Booster
  • VEIN SPLITTING Muscle Swell & Pump
  • Increased Blood Flow, Strength & Endurance

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