Modern BCAA+

by USPLabs

USPLabs Modern BCAA+ | Speed Up Recovery with 15 Grams of Amino Acids

All BCAAs Are Not Created Equal

Can you believe we made it even better?

The 8:1:1 ratio-containing Modern BCAA™ has been the standard of excellence since its release, but a new standard has arrived – Modern BCAA+™ – and it is loaded with 50% more aminos per serving!*

With Modern BCAA+ you’ll get a colossal 450 grams of aminos in each 30 serving tub for a whopping 15 grams in each serving!

50% More Aminos Per Serving + Key Aminos

Modern BCAA is the choice BCAA supplement for anyone serious about training, but innovation is the name of this game and USPlabs® is always looking for ways to improve our products and improve your results…Enter Modern BCAA+.

Not only did we give you MORE AMINOS, we gave you NEW AMINOS - new key exercise aminos that have been shown to do all kinds of things that will make you want them:

  • Glycine: Supplementing with this amino around exercise is very important because muscles release more Glycine during fasted exercise than any other amino, which can create a catabolic state.
  • Alanine: Also released at very high rates during fasted exercise, making supplementation important to preventing a catabolic state.
  • Taurine: The most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. A recent animal study demonstrated that when muscles are low in Taurine, muscle function and performance were significantly reduced.
  • Lysine: This essential amino acid has been shown to preserve Leucine in an extreme protein starved state.

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