Hypercut XTS

by USN

USN Hypercut XTS | Extreme Thermogenic Suspension

First, the clear suspended fluid acts as a fast-acting liquid, which releases submicron active particles rapidly. The second phase of this formulation activates with the Blue Microtabs going to work within minutes of ingestion, lasting for up to 3 hours to deliver a range of powerful thermogenic and lipotropic ingredients for long lasting effects.* In the third phase, the Black slow-release Microtabs follow to extend the effects of the thermogenic and lipotropic components for maximum long lasting effects. USN HYPERCUT THERMO XTS is an advanced, multi-phase thermogenic system that employs the most current and up to date ingredient delivery technology in the sports nutrition field.* This utilizes improved micro-technology to ensure maximum potency, fast-acting and long lasting thermogenic action.

Highlights of USN Hypercut XTS:

  • Multi-Phase Thermogenic
  • High Quality Delivery System
  • High-Impact Liquid Capsule Technology
  • Ultra-Dynamic Absorption

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