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Rivalus RivalMen | High-Potency Men's Multivitamin

Rivalus RivalMen is an everyday essential multivitamin compound that helps promote a healthier body both internally and externally. RivalMen uses a high potency based ingredient system that is packed with 22 vitamins and essential minerals that are a key source to what every multivitamin should consist of. A comprehensive micro nutrient system with over 50 active ingredients including vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids, whole fruit powders and herbal extracts.

Highlights of Rivalus RivalMen:

  • 22 vitamins & essential minerals
  • 1,500 IU of Vitamin D3
  • Antioxidant A, C and E Vitamins
  • High-potency B-Complex
  • 100% DV for Zinc
  • 1,000 MG recovery blend with BCAAS & glutamine. Tea & Grape See Extracts, Pomegranate, enzymes, and astaxanthin.
  • 470 MG daily support complex with tyrosine, ginseng, gingko, alpha lipoic acid, and choline.
  • Lutein, lycopene, and bioperine

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