Last Meal Casein

by Rivalus
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Rivalus Last Meal Casein | Enriched Overnite Protein

Rivalus Last Meal Casein is an excellent tasting Casein Protein that allows for a slow digestion process so you can keep your muscles full of nutrients even while you sleep! Our slow-digesting 98% casein formula – enhanced by raw coconut oil – provides a steady stream of protein, amino acids, and healthy fats. That means enhanced muscle development and repair, even while your athletic engines are shut down. ZERO BANNED SUBSTANCES simply guarantees any serious athlete will sleep better knowing everything’s on the up-and-up!

Highlights of Rivalus Last Meal Casein:

  • Slow-digesting 98% casein formula.
  • Enhanced by raw coconut oil
  • Only 1g of sugar, fat & carbs per serving.
  • 110 clean calories per serving
  • 2 carbohydrates per serving

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