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The long wait is finally over. Bodybuilding’s most well-respected coach John Meadows has teamed up with PrimeNutrition to help create the most anticipated supplement to hit the market since the introduction of creatine by Bill Phillips in 1993. Take your workouts beyond comprehension with Intra-MD, handcrafted from the brain of the Mountain Dog himself we’ve seen other peri-workout formulas before, but never have the ingredients been individually selected with the highest level of integrity for quality and proper dosing than by the man who unlocked the Holy Grail behind intra-workout nutrition. That’s right, it has been over 20 YEARS since the sports world has seen a non-hormonal product that can produce real performance enhancing results. There are no false promises with Intra-MD-- the science is 100% ironclad. If taken as directed, it isn’t a question of whether or not you will gain muscle; the only question is how much and how fast you will put it on.
For years bodybuilders have been looking for a better way to recover. Some experts advise training less, while others implement periodical de-loading phases, and then some just keep pounding away by upping the dose or increasing the calories to absurd levels. Meadows found what most of you have concluded yourselves: if you’re training with maximum intensity you get extreme soreness that negatively affects your workouts in the coming days. If you can’t perform at your peak day after day, than you can’t improve at the rate you want. He also found through extensive research with his athletes that less training doesn’t equate to more muscle. In fact, the contrary is true. To gain muscle in the most efficient manner you must train with frequency. Days off are not recovery days, but instead they are days without progress.
After experimenting and tweaking his supplementation program for years the answer wasn’t pre or post workout nutrition, but the crucial window most often overlooked – INTRA workout. How could we all have missed it? We meticulously measure and weigh our food and supplements throughout the day and are obsessive about hitting our post-workout window for optimal growth, but when it comes to supplementation during training, the industry has either cut corners on ingredients or been completely in the dark about intra workout optimization all together.
Inside each serving of Intra-MD are these key ingredients and the science behind their importance to unlocking new muscle tissue:

"Essential” because they have to be obtained from the diet, EAAs are critical to recover from, and ultimately grow from the most intense workouts. Among the BCAAs is the amino acid leucine, a key activator or mTOR and master-controller for muscle protein synthesis. It is leucine uptake into muscle cells that flips the switch for protein synthesis and muscle building to ON (1-3). In addition to serving as raw materials to crank out new proteins for muscle growth and repair, EAAs increase amino acid transporter levels in cell membranes, (4) providing a potent anabolic punch.

The problem: simple carbs. Spiking insulin with simple carbs is old technology. Although dextrose/simple carbs look good on paper, the human body is a finely tuned machine. Nutrient density is sensed in the small intestine by special types of receptors called “osmoreceptors”, which sense the concentration of stomach contents as they exit the stomach, controlling the rate of gastric emptying. This is precisely the problem with dextrose and other simple sugars: In spite of warp-speed absorption in the small intestine, simple sugars have an extremely high osmolality, triggering osmoreceptors to slow gastric emptying into the small intestine, where carbs are actually absorbed. Worse, in the context of a peri-workout nutrition shake, you aren’t only delaying the delivery of carbs; amino acid delivery will also be delayed. Use too many of the wrong type of carbs, and you might as well be gnawing on a steak during your workout.
Fortunately, there is a way to “trick” the stomach into releasing large amounts of carbohydrate into the small intestine for rapid absorption. When glucose molecules are linked together to form high molecular weight polymers, one molecule can consist of hundreds to thousands of individual glucose molecules linked together. These high molecular weight polymers have a much lower osmolality in solution tricking those pesky osmoreceptors to allow these highly branched cyclic dextrins to exit the stomach at warp-speed for absorption in the small intestine. This provides a rapid, but sustained increase in blood sugar and insulin to fuel the most grueling workouts (5, 6).

Ever notice that when you are really growing, your muscles are full and pumped all of the time? This is not a coincidence; a full muscle is an anabolic muscle and muscle growth is driven by cell volume. This is where electrolytes come in; by promoting cell volumization, electrolytes drive amino acid (leucine) uptake into the cell (7), turning on protein synthesis(8, 9) to pack on new muscle, while also suppressing protein breakdown (10, 11).

Citrulline Malate is a non-essential amino acid that converts into arginine and then into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator that helps to improve blood flow to your organs, thus providing potential health benefit. It has also been shown to increase ATP production by 34%. Briand et al. There is also evidence via a study published in the May 2010 "Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research" that demonstrated a decrease in muscle soreness. Most notable studies have been conducted using 6 grams of CM as the dose, and we have included 2 grams per serving so that on your hard, very difficult workouts, you will be using this dose (3 servings), as those are the workouts where you will see the benefit from this supplement.

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