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An amino acid is considered essential because the body cannot make it from other dietary components. If someone’s diet does not contain a full array of essential amino acids, a nutrient deficiency will be in effect.

During exercise, protein breakdown increases with no rise in protein synthesis. This means that having productive training sessions is much harder to achieve. Fortunately, during the post-exercise period, this muscle catabolism can be slowed as protein synthesis begins to rise. However, this increase still isn't enough to counter the protein breakdown that's still occurring. The result of this workout and post workout catabolism is that muscle recovery is hampered. Supplementing with EAA’s will eliminate post workout muscle breakdown allowing for more results in less time than for those not supplementing with essential amino acids. Here is a breakdown of the highest quality and dose appropriate EAA’s complex on the nutritional supplement market.

  • (Isoleucine – 1000mg)
  • (Leucine – 5000mg)
  • (Lysine – 500mg)
  • (Methionine – 500mg)
  • (Phenylalanine – 250mg)
  • (Threonine – 500mg)
  • (Valine – 1000mg)

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