Foam Core 6" Lifting Belt

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Olympiada Gear Foam Core 6" Lifting Belt

Olympiada's Mid-Profile Lifting Belt increases the stability of the abdominal and lower back area.  Weight lifting naturally increases the pressure all around your mid-section as your muscle work to protect your spine from injury.  Using a weight lifting belt can assist in increasing abdominal pressure to protect your spine without extra strain on your muscles.  A properly adjusted belt also keeps your lower back more erect when squatting and lifting, helping to prevent additonal injuries. All of this leads to maintained power and increased reps with consistent use.

This belt provides 6 inches of foam core with a brushed tricot lining, comfort bound edges, a torque ring, and Velcro closure for easy and secure adjustment. This belt was made to last, no matter how hard you lift.  The belt is hand-­washable and air dry only.

Waist sizing (in)

  • Small: 26 - 33
  • Medium: 34 - 40
  • Large: 41 - 48

Nutrition Info