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"Machine Motion is the perfect joint formula for everyone! It contains a super-potent Curcumin extract, the most advanced turmeric for the ultimate in joint health, alongside TamaFlex, an exciting new joint care ingredient scientifically proven IN HUMAN STUDIES to improve joint health and function. Also included are FULLY LOADED doses of Cissus Quadrangularis, Hyaluronic Acid, and Bioperine. I created Machine Motion to be perfect for myself and EVERYONE ELSE - even Vegans and those allergic to shellfish!"

-Marc Lobliner, CEO of MTS Nutrition


Cissus Quadrangularis (500mg)

Heralded far and wide for its countless benefits, cissus quadrangularis is one of the most powerful all-natural joint support supplements available. Cissus is rich in a type of plant sterol known as ketosterones. These phytochemicals are responsible for the numerous benefits of cissus supplementation. Machine Motion includes a premium-grade cissus extract standardized to 40% ketosterones.

Cissus supplementation has been well-documented to combat inflammation, relieve joint pain, and promote collagen synthesis.[1,2,3,4] This is all in addition to its ability to enhance weight loss and cholesterol levels.

Circumin (500mg)

Super potent extract supplying 45% curcuminoids. This extract percentage has been clinically shown to offer 5-6x greater bioavailability than conventional curcumin supplements.[5]

Curcumin has long been used in folk medicine as a powerful, and all-natural, anti-inflammatory compound that combats both acute and chronic inflammation in the body. Curcumin accomplishes this via inhibition of Cytokine production and down-regulation of COX-2 activity, mimicking the effects of ibuprofen.[6,7]

Bromelain (400mg)

Naturally-occurring in pineapple, bromelain is a digestive enzyme that also serves as an effective pain relief compound, too. Bromelain has been used for centuries an all-natural anti-inflammatory agent to reduce redness and swelling.[8] Furthermore, the versatile enzyme also has shown efficacy in treating the aches and pains induced by osteoarthritis.[9,10]

Sodium Hyaluronate (230mg)

Sodium Hyaluronate is a highly bioavailable form of hyaluronic acid, a glycosaminoglycan present in connective tissue that lubricates and cushions your joints. Countless studies have shown the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid, with some dubbing it the “fountain of youth.” Treatment with hyaluronic acid can reduce joint pain, improve symptoms of osteoarthritis, and may even reduce the need for joint replacement.[11,12,13]

TamaFlex® Seed Extract & Tumeric (250mg)

TamaFlex is a plant-based synergistic blend of Tamarindus indica seeds and Turmeric root (Curcuma longa rhizome) that provides unique anti-inflammatory benefits targeting consumer joint health.  It represents the newest innovation in the joint health category and is clinically validated to help improve joint comfort and function, specifically increasing walking distance and speed, ascending and descending stairs, flexibility, stiffness and soreness, and absolute knee flexion. TamaFlex possesses superior efficacy via a dual mechanism of action impacting both the  COX-2 and 5-LOX pathways. Ultimately,  TamaFlex offers a plant-based, vegan-friendly, sustainably sourced joint health solution that fully meets current market trends and consumer preferences.

BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract (5mg)

All the joint support compounds won’t do a lick of good if you’re body isn’t able to utilize them. That’s where BioPerine® comes in. This industry-leading black pepper extract improves ingredient bioavailability, ensuring maximal uptake and utilization by the body. BioPerine inhibits various enzymes preserving ingredient integrity, certifying you get all the joint pain relief possible from each and every serving of Machine Motion.

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Rick M.
United States United States

Works great

Been using this for quite a while. It definately helps with joint pain. I'm 67 years old and need all the help I can get

Troy S.
United States United States

Off to a good start

As I get older unfortunately so do my joints, especially my knees. Squats are almost a hard no! I had to try something. I've tried Glucosamine with MSM in the past and felt it was a waste of money. After some research i settled on Machine Motion. I have only been taking about a week, but can tell a difference when I stand from a sitting position - it's easier than prior Machine Motion. Looking forward to see the outcome of both stretching and supplement - Troy S

Michael T.
United States United States


I’ve been using this product for a few months now and have really noticed a difference!

Matt A.
United States United States

I actually see improvement

My knee pain has improved quite a bit. It must be rebuilding some of the deteriorated cartilage the CT scan showed. I plan on taking machine motion for a longer period.

William B.
United States United States

Goodbye aches and pains

Machine Motion almost completely removes the aches and pains I have from tendinitis in shoulders and knees.

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Warning Concerning California Residents: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm.