Capo Pre-Workout


Capo is the best all around pre-workout on the market! Mafia Lifestyle has spent countless hours researching the best ingredients to bring you the best pre-workout EVER! Capo will give you the energy to power through your workout, the focus to stay engaged in your workout, and mind blowing pumps to show you RESULTS.



Minerals and electrolytes to help sustain a superior pump!


CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine is important for Carnosine synthesis and is a pre-cursor to Carnosine. Carnosine is a buffering agent and by increasing the amount of Carnosine in the muscle, CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine both helps increase an athlete's peak performance and helps speed muscle recovery. When supplemented, beta-alanine combines with naturally occurring Histidine to increase Carnosine in muscle more so than taking actual Carnosine.



  1. Creates a higher level of absorption and utilization than creatine monohydrate.
  2. Greater bioavailability of creatine and magnesium!
  3. Ergogenic activity is enhanced when magnesium creatine chelate is consumed.
  4. Greater increase in intracellular water, an indicator of greater protein synthesis.
  5. Clinical studies showed it most strongly regenerated energy needed for anaerobic performance.
  6. Quick twitch muscle energy, which is needed for power movements in weight training, sprinting, hockey, football, baseball, golf etc.)

  1. Enhances the body’s ability to generate and regenerate ATP for SLAMMING muscle performance!
  2. Higher level of absorption than other combination regimens of magnesium and creatine.
  3. NO LOADING needed with Creatine MagnaPower®
  4. Magnesium is an electrolyte and well known as a muscle nutrient!
  5. Facilitates VITAL oxygen delivery to working muscle tissue.
  6. Delivers more energy.

Combining Beta Alanine amplifies strength and power gains!


Taurine is well known for its ability to increase energy and focus. Many energy drinks are Taurine-based for this exact reason. Taurine also increases blood flow, an impressive trait that allows more nutrients to reach your muscles as you exercise. This helps increase protein synthesis as you build muscle mass. Ingesting Taurine before exercising can improve performance in trained athletes and research shows that Taurine speeds recovery time and helps protect muscle damage caused by exercise, significantly reducing muscle breakdown, increasing the results of your workouts.

Taurine is also well researched as a regulator of cell volume. Taurine regulate fluid balance and helps maximize hydration at the cellular level to optimize muscle function. This strongly suggests Taurine is also a cell volumizer to supply another stimulus for anabolism. Supplementation with Taurine has also been shown to increase endurance when running.


The granddaddy of them all, Caffeine is the world's most widely used stimulant. Caffeine is a Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulant that has been shown to reduce fatigue as well as mobilize fatty acids resulting in fat loss.


Theobromine helps with energy and also as a vasodilator—that’s right, SICK PUMPS! Not only will it aid in fat loss, but it will also provide that extra bloodflow and PUMP. Even cooler, it has even been linked to having an aphrodisiac effect! All of this alongside a smooth, controlled stimulant release similar to caffeine.


We are all familiar with caffeine and how it increases energy and focus. There are additional benefits achieved from the use of caffeine when exercising. Almost everyone in the gym has taken advantage of this glorious substance to assist us at one time or another. Caffeine is a staple in numerous pre-workouts but Capo doesn’t use your typical caffeine. Creative Compounds developed and produces a specialized form of caffeine named Infinergy, an ionic bond of caffeine and malic acid to increase energy and mental focus. Infinergy may also be easier on sensitive stomachs and is an excellent way to increase mental focus while supplying a surge of energy.


These are added for their ability to stimulate mental focus and energy. Together, they are a potent combo!

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