Sidewalk Kraka

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Iron Addicts Sidewalk Kraka | KILL YOUR WORKOUT

The time has come for the pre workout of ALL mutha fu****' pre workouts – Sidewalk Kraka. Oh, you never thought you’d see a pre workout from CT Fletcher? This is the real deal sh** right here. Each serving of Sidewalk Kraka has the ingredients you need to finish that mutha fu****' set. Destroy your workout with every inch of your body. Eliminate any doubters that say you can’t do something. Nothing is too hard. Take Sidewalk Kraka 20 minutes before your workout and feel the difference in what a true f***** pre workout should do for your results. Now it’s your mutha f***** chance to workout like me. Harder than you have ever trained in your life. For one goal, to bring out the absolute best in yourself.

Hardcore mutha f***** ingredients that will pump out more energy and focus than you could ever imagine. Take Sidewalk Kraka every day until you can’t do another workout.

Take This Sh**:

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Rage
  • Intensity

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