I Command You To Grow

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Iron Addicts I Command You To Grow | Size In A Drink

Protein drinks have been around for decades, but nothing has come along like this. Ok, that might not be true, but I Command You to Grow is the one protein drink I can take and not get sick and tired of drinking. This fuckin protein drink tastes so good I don’t even think I’m drinking a shake. Meal #1, pre workout, post workout, before I go to sleep it doesn’t even matter I just make sure it’s in me throughout the day. It’s the only way to fuckin grow. You can take all of the vitamins and supplements you want, but without enough fuckin protein you can forget about it. I take I Command You to Grow every day of the week and so should you.

This is the protein drink I’m talking about. You can’t grow without taking in enough protein and we are providing you with the best tasting and result producing whey proteins anywhere. I’ve been taking protein drinks my whole life and this is the best one yet.


  • Recovery
  • Repair
  • Energy
  • Taste
  • Fuel

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