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ImSoAlpha Cleanse

Your entire health and well being starts in your digestive system. How well your body absorbs nutrients and eliminates waste and toxins dictate how healthy you are.
Improper care of your digestive system can leave you with parasites, toxins, undigested food and pounds of fecal matter sitting in your intestinal tract. The list above will leave the micro-villi found in your small intestines unable to absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat and leave your large intestines unable to release the toxins from your body. With the typical American diet being mostly unhealthy, processed foods that are void of fiber, there is no wonder why a large portion of the population suffer from so many health issues.
Our IMSOALPHA 15-DAY CLEANSE FORMULA will begin to rid the intestinal tract of excess waste within 12-24 hours of initial use. This can help to drop unwanted weight, increase energy and reduce bloating within a few days. Included in the CLEANSE are natural laxatives and fiber to promote waste removal, herbs which help to soothe the intestinal lining during the cleansing process and Acidophilus to promote healthy bacteria levels.
Helps prevent constipation
Aids in weight loss
May increase energy
Better absorption of vital nutrients
Clearer skin
Overall feeling of “wellness”
A cleaner, healthy colon may help decrease the chance of colon cancer
Helps to maintain a proper pH

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