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Ambrosia | Multi-Functioning Probiotic

Flora is an all-natural Probiotic designed to support a healthy digestive tract, boost your immune system, & aid in weight loss. It is the only vegan-friendly Probiotic with 30 million CFUs, a vegan based Prebiotic blend, and a clinically proven digestive enzyme designed to help improve your physical well-being immediately.

This is, without a doubt, the most advanced, most powerful probiotic ever made.

Ingredient Breakdown

SL14™ Blend

Our clinically proven SL14™ probiotics blend is made up of 14 unique strains, Unlike most, we actually tell you which strains we're using. 

Lactobacilli Strands:

  • Acidophilus
  • Plantarum
  • Fermentum
  • Salivarius
  • Casei
  • Paracasei
  • Rhamnosus
  • Gasseri

Bifidobacterium Stands

  • Bifidum
  • Breve (BB-03)
  • Longum
  • Infantis
  • Lactis
  • Accordion Streptococcus Thermophilus (ST-21)


Just as your body needs food for energy and survival, so do the trillions of bacteria living in your gut. NutraFlora® prebiotic fiber is the food for gut microbiome. It allows them to flourish and boost your health.


Supplementing the body's natural enzyme production with a digestive enzyme blend promotes digestion and the effective absorption of nutrients. Unlike anti-acids or some prescription drugs, DigeSEB™ doesn't just neutralize stomach acid or slow the digestive process, it helps address the causes for digestive discomfort.  

What It Does

Flora helps restore beneficial bacteria for optimal digestion & immune health. It also helps control dangerous yeast overgrowth, and promotes daily relief from gas, bloating and irregularity. 

Flora's powerful super-food Prebiotic blend helps create a micro-environment inside your digestive system that promotes full mineral absorption so you can finally feel like your happy, energetic, and vibrant self!

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Carlos C.
United States


I’ve been taking Flora for my gut health and instantly noticed a difference especially in the mornings post breakfast. My stomach pains eased up big time. It is a great product I highly recommend it.

Andrew F.
United States United States

Amazing product

I have been using this probiotic for almost half a year now. It does the trick! No bloating or weird burps.

Laz P.
United States United States

Happy tummies!

The whole family takes this! Our stomachs feel amazing!

Emily C.
United States United States

Flora probiotics

It’s amazing I like the way it makes me feel.

Nutrition Info

Warning Concerning California Residents: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm.