12 Weeks to a Bigger Chest eBook

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How much ya’ bench? The age-old question asked to guys who have big, barrel-chests and an impressive build. Normally, people with big chests can lift a lot of weight. In fact, I have never seen anyone with a powerful, impressive build not be able to put up a few hundred pounds on the bench press or a variation of it like dumbbell bench press and machine press. Why is this?

Progressive overload.

Progressive overload is the practice of overloading the muscle with more volume, frequency, or in most cases, load (amount of weight) over a period of time. This guide is all about the chest. For 12 weeks we will focus on the chest while still paying ample attention to the other body parts to keep them on par with the chest. We will also tell you what to do after the 12 weeks and we will give you general diet guidelines to fuel these intense workouts. I cannot make any specific guarantees, but I will guarantee this – Follow this program 100% and you will have a bigger, more defined, and stronger chest in only 12 weeks. Start today – there is no time to waste!

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