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Pro Supps – the brainchild of bodybuilder TJ. Humphreys and Art Atwood. ProSupps strives to provide the best quality products and supplements in line with its aggressive research and development department to find the latest and greatest performance supplementation technology.

Some of our clients’ favorite Pro Supps products include Mr. Hyde and Hyde Original. Loaded with L-Leucine, both are engineered to be the most effective pre-workout supplements in the industry. For carbohydrate loading and nutrient delivery, nothing comes close to Pro Supps Karbolic. Karbolic is made up of many monosaccharides that have been cleverly manipulated to increase the rate of absorption through the stomach and into the bloodstream, so your carbohydrates are in the muscle during your workout. Finally, for those looking for a true anabolic pre-workout powder, TigerFitness proudly carries Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll with a balanced dose of Creatine Hydrocholoride, L-Leucine and Agmatine Sulfate to promote focus and high energy throughout your exercise.

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