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Drop Factor

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MTS Nutrition Drop Factor - Thermogenic Fat Burner

“As someone who wants results from a fat burner and the ability to control dosing to yield tremendous, tangible results above and beyond any fat burner in existence. A fat burner with ingredients you can look at, understand, and also KNOW that the dosing is scientifically validated. After years of researching and testing the most effective compounds in existence, MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobliner butted heads with some of the greatest science minds in the industry to create what they feel is the best fat burner for results, period. Drop Factor is here. FAST results; long-lasting 12 hour energy, and TARGETED fat loss are the things that Drop Factor does better than any other fat burner ever seen, period. Are you ready for RESULTS? No Fluff. No BS. Just proven results.”

-Marc Lobliner, CEO of MTS Nutrition


Cocoa Extract (Theobromine)

Not only does this help decrease appetite and increase fat burning, it also acts as a vasodilator and diuretic (1). Not only will it aid in fat loss, but it will also provide that extra bloodflow and PUMP, a welcome effect while losing fat, alongside the reduction in nasty, excess water weight! Even cooler, it has even been linked to having an aphrodisiac effect! (2) All of this alongside a smooth, controlled stimulant release similar to caffeine make it a must have in any fat burner and with this adequate, no BS dosing, look out!


The granddaddy of them all, Caffeine is the world's most widely used stimulant (4). Caffeine is a Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulant that has been shown to reduce fatigue as well as mobilize fatty acids resulting in fat loss. (5)


We added TeaCrine as an energy and focus enhancer to really volumize the effects of the thermogenic process without giving you a dreaded crash feeling. With longer lasting energy and added performance boost, TeaCrine is the ultimate ingredient for a well balanced fat burner.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper increases thermogenesis (fat loss) by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood circulation. This helps to transport fatty acids and be BURNED! Cayenne Pepper is also use to aid digestion and relieve pain. (6)


Forskolin is the powerful active found in the herb Coleus forskohlii and can help increase lean mass (build muscle) and decrease fat mass (burn fat). Forskolin activates the enzyme adenylate cyclase, which increases cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) levels. The increase in cAMP activates hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) which breaks down stored triglycerides (bodyfat) and releases fatty acids so they can be oxidized and body fat can be decreased. Forskolin helps to increase the release of fatty acids from fat tissue allowing them to be burned for energy, leading to a decrease in body fat. (8)

Forskolin is also believed to have thyroid stimulating properties. Thyroid hormones are responsible for your metabolism. I have even known MANY fitness competitors who use this herb instead of harsh, prescription thyroid medications (when no pre-existing medical condition is present). Increasing thyroid output will accelerate your metabolic rate and lead to increased fat loss. (8) To make things even more awesome, Forskolin may increase testosterone levels in men, but not negatively affect sex hormones in women. When on decrease calories, this can be A GREAT SIDE EFFECT and can also help explain how

Forskolin prevents muscle wasting! (9) Forskolin is a vasodilator. Blood flow is VITAL for fat loss as blood flow to fat tissue, especially stubborn fat areas, is vital to the transportation of fatty acids to areas where they can be burned and can help Yohimbine HCl (explained later) do it's dirty work!

PolyphORAC Blend

Not only are antioxidants a pivotal component to overall health and wellness, but they also decrease the production of triglycerides thus decreasing fat storage and enhancing fat loss. Anti-oxidants also increase fat used for energy during exercise, thus causing your body to burn more fat DURING exercise. The PolyphOrac Blend was designed to contain a high amount of the anti-oxidants research shows to have a fat loss effect.

Yohimbine HCl

Yohimbine is an alpha2 receptor antagonist and known to help LOSE FAT from PROBLEM AREAS like hips and thighs for women and lower back and love handles in men. This is VERY IMPORTANT as this is the variable we play with…. Yomhimbine blocks the alpha2 receptor, the receptor responsible for stubborn fat areas, from being activated. By blocking the alpha2 receptor with Yohimbine, the negative feedback caused by NE binding to the alpha receptors is reduced and fatty acid from those stubborn areas are released and now able to be burned.

Yohimbine has been shown to increase fat loss by increasing the amount of lipid mobilization and oxidation and blood flow to adipose tissue due to alpha2 antagonism. So Yohimbine addresses two of the fat burning principles we are trying to address: alpha2 receptor action and blood flow. The presence of low insulin found on insulin controlling diets like makes Yohimbine work OPTIMALLY! Thus, Drop Factor contains only 2.5mg Yohimbine HCl per serving. BUT, but adding in MTS Yohimbine HCl at the dosing needed for you, you will get the best results possible! The scientific dose is to work up to 0.2mg per kilo of bodyweight per day. This would be 18mg for a 200lb person. This would be a LOT in the formula, thus we give you this option and it allows you to work up to this dose. (50-109)


The ingredients Drop Factor are max dosed with one caveat, Yohimbine HCl. Yohimbine HCl in its full dosing in Drop Factor, 2.5mg per serving, is usually very well tolerated. Some can take more, some less. Studies show that the effective dose is .2mg per kilogram of bodyweight per day. That is a LOT of Yohimbine HCl and simply too much for some people. Also, while the max dose of the other ingredients covers a wide range of weights and the two genders, Yohimbine HCl (being weight dependent) requires a varying degree of dosing and also, you need to ease into the higher doses more than other fat burning agents to assess tolerance. This is why MTS Nutrition has a Yohimbine HCl; so once you reach the maximum two capsules of Drop Factor two times per day, you can still adjust dosing by simply adding in Yohimbine HCl. It is the most thought out fat loss system ever created!

Truth To Label

I have heard of many effective fat burners removed from the market for having adulterated and/or ILLEGAL contaminants in their formulas, such as ADD medication, illegal amphetamines and even mislabeling for international shipping. Well, with Drop Factor you get what is on the label. Not only will you burn tons of fat and feel great, but you will know exactly what you are taking to help achieve that goal.

How To Use

  • Start with ONE Capsule Drop Factor upon waking.
  • Once you can tolerate one capsule, increase to one capsule upon waking and one capsule 6-8 hours later (NOT to be within 5 hours of bedtime).
  • Once you can tolerate the above dose, add one capsule to the morning dose for two capsules in the AM and one capsule 6-8 hours later.
  • Once you can tolerate the above dose, add one capsule to the afternoon dose for two caps in the AM and two capsules 6-8 hours later.

The Best Just Got Better

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Hey,T.F. fans I started taking
Hey,T.F. fans I started taking Drop Factor & Yohimbine max dose after I stop taking fortesta for low energy and low T, my weight was 250lbs 6ft. Waist 43 in. I'm 48 years old retired Infantry use to being around 190lbs/ 32 in. Waist in about 10% body fat. I started taking the max dose of Drop Factor & Yohimbine right out gate. Three weeks ago today I'm 230lbs / waist 38in and lots of energy. I don't have the late night cravings anymore. I often forget to eat because I just don't feel hungry. I have to set my watch just to remind my self to eat and take my protein shake. I hate running but it's something about Hit Cardio I just love it's short sweat and to the point.1min. Slow peace then all out for 30 sec for 8sets a 12 min workout that does it for me. I started with 4 sets then progressed up to 8sets. 3 times a week on non lifting days. My shirts aren't tight around the mid section anymore. My goal is 220lbs / 34in. waist/10-15 % body fat before I turn 50 years old.
August 30, 2015
I love this stuff. I'm
I love this stuff. I'm on a lot of medications that slow my metabolism, so I need something to get me up and keep me going. Drop Factor Powder is easy to drink, tastes good, and in spite of my medication, I dropped 8 pounds in a month. I've never been able to do that with just exercise. Awesome.
August 14, 2015
They did a great on
They did a great on shipping and so many samples. Plus marcs supplement works pretty well so far.
December 19, 2013
It helps!
I work out every morning at five am, I take it as soon as I wake up. It gets me going, and such clean energy it gives me. I haven't lost weight but ive lost inches off my sides and I see certain areas of my body tighten up! Thank you Tiger Fitness for always providing great supplements!
February 5, 2017
Age: 15-24
Great products.
I highly recommend drop factor for those who are looking to shed weight. If you are eating clean and working out everyday it would definitely speed up the process. Follow the instructions and stay on course with your workouts. No side effects
May 30, 2016
1 year ago
5 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
Delivery Speed
5 / 5
Solid Fat Burner
I've been taking this in the morning before my fasted cardio, and it really increased my energy and focus. Plus, the raspberry lemonade flavor tastes pretty good. I actually look forward to drinking it in the morning. The ingredients are all science based and in their correct dosage.
February 24, 2017
Age: 15-24
10 months ago
Fitness Goal:
Fat Loss
Perfect energy for the mornings
I have been starting my days off with drop factor right before cardio. It gives me the extra push to push a little harder for a little longer. I can save my preworkout when its weightlifting time but I also take drop factor before that as well. Helps with my metabolism as well. With my diet in check adding drop factor was the extra boost I needed on my journey. So happy mts put out another great product just like the protein and macrolution you won't be disappointed with this or any other mts product. .
January 6, 2014
Amazing product! Works really well
Amazing product! Works really well combined with the Yohambine!
May 6, 2015
3 / 5
5 / 5
Delivery Speed
5 / 5
Great purchase
Great energy, no shakes, & makes me sweat hard at the gym
June 25, 2017
Age: 25-44
6 months ago
Fitness Goal:
Build Muscle
Great Taste
I just got my Drop Factor powder in the Raspberry Lemonade flavor and it taste great. So far no ill side effects. I will write another review with results after I use the whole 60 servings.
August 24, 2016
Age: 45-64
Fitness Goal:
Build Muscle
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Why did you choose this? Store
Marc had mentioned these this and another item would be great to get for my fitness goals at the time so I got them..he knows his stuff so I get what he suggests when I ask
Dee S on May 15, 2015
Marc had mentioned these this and another item would be great to get for my fitness goals at the time so I got them..he knows his stuff so I get what he suggests when I ask
Dee S on May 15, 2015
When is this going to be back in stock?
A shopper on Oct 13, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Drop factor should be back in stock around 10/30/15
do u take creatine with this?
A shopper on Nov 7, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Well, the first thing I should mention is that if you are not eating well and training with a well planned exercise program, no supplement is going to help. Now, to answer your question... Much of the research with creatine shows that individuals lose body fat as well as improve lean body mass. My theory is that creatine allows you to perform more work than usual which would translate to more calories expended.

Therefore, there is no reason you could not take both supplements at the same time. However, because both cause dehydration you will have to make water consumption a top priority. If you allow yourself to become dehydrated you will find your gains to suffer dramatically.
Any comments/rationale on the different formulation of this relative to the drop factor capsules? For the most part they are very similar but there appear to be some distinct differences in the ingredient profiles. Any insight would be greatly appreciated
Brady W on May 29, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The powder form was formulated for Australia in accordance with their laws. Not sure how much difference in efficacy there is.
Is this allowed in the ANBF and other natty organizations? Looked through the profile and didn't see anything banned - just want to double check ;)
A shopper on May 9, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Nope, this is absolutely ok in natty competition, no banned substances. Some fat burners such as anavar or other Performance Enhancing drugs are however banned. Drop Factor is perfectly safe and allowed.
Would I be able to take Drop Factor while taking my pre workout? I'm sure I could take it before/in the mornings since I normally do my lifting at night. Any help?
Dan N on Nov 15, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Yeah, you could. Just be aware/careful of the caffeine and any other dosage of stimulants that already exist in your pre-workout, since Drop Factor has stimulants you don't want to go nuts and end up spontaneously combusting or puking up on the person next to you.
hi i was wondering how to take this product?
Danny A on Nov 10, 2013
I take 1 capsule twice a day. One with breakfast and one around 5pm about an hour before training.

This allows me to get the caffinee boost in the morning and a little more before training but still allows me to sleep at night.

This product works better for me even then the originall oxyelite pro
Is it alright if i take it?? Im 16
A shopper on Dec 12, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Mate At 16yrs old I'd say no! Spend your money on nutrition books and educating yourself on how to train effectively! Drop factor is a great SUPP but its that, a supplement, icing on the cake so to speak! Use it to get that last bit of troubled fat! At 16 you have more than enough natural hormones to get the job done!! Just fuel and train well!!!
Can you take creatine if you are taking drop factor?
A shopper on Jul 8, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Yes. I take creatine always, no matter what additional supplements I may happen to be on at the time. No adverse effects.

That said, I took Drop Factor primarily for its appetite suppressant quality during cutting. It sorta work on that front (but also gave me mild acid reflux sensations - all the pepper in there I suspect.) As far as people reporting, "crazy energy" - I only noticed a very slight amount of increased awakeness, not necessarily energy, while on this. I probably will not try again.

Hope that helps!
Is it safe to take this on an empty stomach? I've been incorporating fasted cardio first thing in the morning.
A shopper on Jan 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I believe it is recommended to do so. I like to combine drop factor and fasted cardio with. Bcaa. Good luck with your goals.
Is this the real deal ? how long did it take to see a difference taking this ? diet is in check just looking for that extra eghh in a fat burner .
A shopper on Jun 24, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Buy buy buy! I used it in my journey from 315lbs to 185lbs. Definitely helps with appetite control and burning the extra if your diet is in check and you are active and stick to the directions it helped me alot. I also attacked it with the Yohimbine. Hope that helped and good luck!
When is this product expected to be back in stock?
A shopper on Mar 14, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Next week!
I want to purchase this product but cant decide between powder or pill. What do yall recommend?
Antonio H on Jul 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The powder does not have yohimbine in it. Both of them work really well.
when will drop factor come back in stock?
A shopper on Apr 22, 2014
BEST ANSWER: t is projected to be at our warehouse tomorrow.
so is it better than oxylite?
carlos a on Aug 13, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I used the entire bottle and it had absolutely no effect. I did not notice any enhanced workouts, weight loss or anything - as if I was not even taking anything. Oxyelite does give sleeplessness and an edge that this does not have, but for me - no effect whatsoever - it could have been air.
Hi im going to start using this product drop factor with yohimbine and i am wondering when to take it if i workout around 2 pm when i do pure weights and than cardio at around 6 to 7 pm?
A shopper on Nov 10, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I would probably say take a serving of drop factor and yoh. Hcl morning and same serving bout 30 minutes prior to weight and then just the yohimbine before your run. I feel if you take drop factor to late it may keep you up depending on tolerance. My opinion. Hope that helps
heys guys i been taking drop factor for almost a two weeks i lost 9 pounds i been eating once a day havent even been hungry dont feel week or tired is that normal shouldnt i be eating more? ?
flennoy w on Feb 5, 2014
BEST ANSWER: While meal timing isn't a huge issue, this sounds eerily like the beginning of a severe eating disorder. Please see a registered nutritionist or dietician to help since this low caloric intake isn't sustainable long term...unless that one meal is really freaking large
What the best food to eat before you take drop factor?
Everett on Nov 27, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I would not take drop factor with food. I would take it in the morning on an empty stomach and again before you workout without food.
I was wondering how many drop factor and yohimbine pills should i take a day weighing at 202lb?
A shopper on Nov 16, 2013
BEST ANSWER: That would depend on your tolerance level. Follow the directions for the first few days as stated. However I had to take 2 drop factors stacked with 1 yohimbine in the morning before cardio. Then 6-8 hours later 1 more drop factor with 1 yohimbine.
Seeing that Yohimbine comes with this product, I'm assuming it's okay to take both at the same time?
Ricardo O on Jan 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes. They make a good stack and are safe to use together. In fact, I use this stack myself. Take it first thing in the morning.
do you need to cycle drop factor?
Dan M on Mar 25, 2014
BEST ANSWER: No, you can if you want (i did), but you don't have to.
when is the best time to take this? and do i need to take it with food?
Ej1234 on Oct 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Most people prefer to take this 20-30 minutes pre-cardio and without food. You don't want to exceed 4 capsules a day (2 servings) and are fine to take just one serving if you prefer; it's all going to come down to your tolerance for the caffeine as well as what works best for you. But there are technically several correct ways to take this.
how effect will drop factor stacked with yohimbine hcl be for the overweight/obese?
A shopper on May 16, 2013
BEST ANSWER: It will be very effective in conjunction with a below maintenance calorie diet and consistent excersize. Yohimbine really shines at lower bf% though.
Hi Guys,
I'm on the fence: Drop Factor or Cut FTS? Thanks!
Anthony M on Jun 16, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The ingredient profile and the products overall are very similar. I suppose I slightly prefer Cuts FTS because of the theanine (which might offset some of the negative effects of Yohimbine HCl in some).
Can you stack drop factor with a preworkout?
A shopper on Jan 4, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I would not take the two supplements together or near one another. If your thinking about taking drop factor in the morning for cardio then taking a pre workout at night when you lift, that's fine.
I see drop factor has 250mg of caffeine per serving. How can I stack this with Clash at 250mg per serving ? How much is too much caffeine ?
A shopper on Oct 31, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Just take them at least 4-5 hours apart and you will be fine!
can women take drop factor?
A shopper on Apr 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, men and women can take drop factor!
I work out at 4:am 4 times a week my weight lifting routine takes about 45 minutes then I do HIIT cardio for 30 minutes. HOW DO I TAKE THIS PRODUCT I DONT UNDERSTAND THE YOHIM PART.???????
Carlos G on Aug 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: (body weight) divided by 2.2 then times by .2 = to mg of yohimbine a day you should take. you can divide that number by 2.5 (mg in each cap of yohimbine) to get the total caps a day. do not forget that for every 2 drop factor you are going to have another 2.5mg of yohimbine.
Need some help with scheduling. I lift and do cardio in the early morning (5-7am), what's your recommendation for the best way to stack the DF with Yohimbine working out at that time? 2 and 1 in the am before working out (would I also need to eat a full meal before I workout also)? Also, I typically take a preworkout prior to hitting the gym, how would the DF work along with that? Too much? Thanks.
Jake P. on Jul 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: From my experience with these products, you should take your Drop Factor servings when you wake up. The Yohimbine should be taken 30 minutes pre-cardio, or if you are not doing cardio that day you can take them with your Drop Factor caps. As far as pre workout, I did not have any strange side effects from stacking pre workout with the Drop Factor and Yohimbine. I recommend eating a small meal before you take any of those products, simply because you can get kinda light headed when on an empty stomach. I hope i answered your questions fully, if not, you can shoot me another one!
Does this product have testosterone boosters?
A shopper on Jul 11, 2015
BEST ANSWER: No it is strictly a fat burner with I believe yohimbine to help lose fat.
Should you only take this if you are a serious body builder type? I am just trying to lose a couple pounds really fast. would this be safe/okay for me or no?
Mariana on Jul 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Wih a proper diet drop factor has always worked for me, especially on stick points where I plateau. Ive also stacked this with the Yohimbine for even better results

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