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I competed in my first powerlifting meet when I was 19 years old in 2000. A bunch of big dudes lifting big weight, but even at 19 years old, I was one of the only guys there who looked like he lifted.

Powerlifting is a great way to build a base for building muscle, but not optimal for hypertrophy. I have ZERO science to back this up, and I am usually Mr. Science, but people who start in powerlifting just have a thicker, denser base. Case studies: Ronnie Coleman, Johnny Jackson, Stan Efferding, and even myself.

Whereas when I see kids at the gym just start doing pump workouts, they seem to never grow. I know this guy, Peter from Illinois, who started as a bodybuilder. He made gains, but nothing crazy. He then became a top-level powerlifter and within a couple of years, he was muscular and had dense, quality muscle.

Lifting heavy ass weights just does something magical.

But why choose one or the other?

I am preparing for my first powerlifting meet since that show I referenced in 2000. I selfishly set out to program something that not only fulfilled my need to lift heavy ass weight, but also my desire to feel the pump and maintain this lean, muscular look.

Power-Shred Training is here.

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