Core Multi

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Nailing¬† a¬† completely¬† balanced¬† diet¬† every¬† day,¬† one¬† that¬† contains¬† the¬† full¬† spectrum¬† of¬† essential¬† and¬† non-essential¬† vitamins¬† and¬† minerals¬† alike,¬† would¬† be¬† amazing.¬† It¬† would¬† be¬† even¬† better¬† if¬† everyone¬† did¬† that.¬† In¬† that¬† case,¬† the¬† often-quoted¬† but¬† little¬† understood¬† claim¬† of¬† many‚Äúgurus‚Ä̬† that¬† a¬† vitamin¬† supplement¬† is¬† unnecessary¬† would¬† be¬† correct.¬† But¬† that‚Äôs¬† not¬† the¬† case,¬† not¬† at¬† all.¬† In¬† fact,¬† research¬† shows¬† that¬† most¬† people¬† ‚Äst yes,¬† even¬† you,¬† the¬† fit¬† person¬† reading¬† this¬† ‚Äst do¬† not¬† eat¬† a¬† balanced¬† diet.¬† Many¬† people¬† lack¬† critical¬† nutrients¬† from¬† their¬† diet,¬† either¬† by¬† absence¬† (not¬† eating¬† them¬† at¬† all)¬† or¬† by¬† over-¬† or¬† under-consuming¬† other¬† trace¬† minerals¬† or¬† vitamins¬† necessary¬† for¬† the¬† original¬† vitamin‚Äôs¬† homeostasis.¬† The¬† result,¬† in¬† either¬† case,¬† is¬† a¬† vitamin¬† and¬† mineral¬† environment¬† that¬† could¬† and¬† can¬† be¬† optimized.¬† ¬† For¬† that¬† reason,¬† we‚Äôve¬† formulated¬† Core¬† MULTI.¬† Like¬† the¬† typical¬† diet,¬† when¬† we¬† looked¬† around¬† the¬† industry¬† at¬† existing¬† multi-vitamin¬† offerings,¬† we¬† found¬† critical¬† defects:¬† too¬† much¬† of¬† this,¬† too¬† little¬† of¬† that,¬† and¬† so¬† on.¬† So,¬† we¬† set¬† out¬† to¬† alter¬† that¬† arrangement¬† and¬† formulate¬† a¬† multi¬† with¬† ingredients¬† included¬† in¬† specific¬† proportions¬† to¬† maximize¬† synergy¬† and¬† minimize¬† redundancy.

Nutrition Info

Warning Concerning California Residents: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm.