5 Shoulder Workouts Method for Insane Gains and Pumps

5 Shoulder Workouts Method for Insane Gains and Pumps

Last night was intense. I mean really intense.

Wait. The word intense doesn't even begin to describe the brutality of this shoulder workout I had with Marc Lobliner. It was life-changing and gains-making. I had pumps on pumps on pumps.

Rear delt pumps. Trap pumps. Side delt pumps. Even my hamstrings and lower back had pumps. That's how crazy and effective these shoulder workouts were.

Here's what happened...

Watch as Marc Lobliner and Steve Shaw explain and perform the 5 shoulder workouts method.

Marc Lobliner and I decided to do something epic. We rarely get to train together, but when we do we make the gym beg for mercy; the barbells plead for us to stop. Well, it's not quite that dramatic, but you get the picture.

We compared notes and found out it was shoulder day. Hmm, shoulder day. Not exactly a workout that excites the average lifter.

So we got diabolical.

Marc and I decided to combine some of the most diverse, brutal and effective training styles and turn them into one big, bad and gains-inducing shoulder workout. And that's exactly what we did. Little did we know that what we came up with on paper would turn out to be one of the best shoulder workouts we've ever had.

Here is the shoulder workout structure we came up with. Again, this is 5 different styles of shoulder workouts wrapped into one complete training program.

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Side Laterals

Strength - This is your heavy work. It should be performed first, when you are fresh. This will reduce the chance of injury because your focus and energy will be at its best. Knock out 3 sets of 3 reps using a barbell or dumbbell overhead press variation. This can be seated or standing.

Make sure to warm up properly before going all out with this heavy weight.

Volume - Next it's time for reps on reps on reps. Find a machine overhead press station and perform 5 sets of 10 reps. You will likely only need one warm-up set. Use 2 if you feel it's necessary.

Make sure these 5 sets are hard to complete. Your last set should be near failure, or to failure.

Run the Rack, and Back - Now that your delts are completely on fire and painfully pumped, it's time to kick them while they're down. You will start with a light set of dumbbells, preferably 10 or 15 pounders. Using limited rest between sets, meaning 5-10 seconds max, work up in 5-pound increments until you're performed 5 total sets.

Perform as many reps as possible for each set. This means to failure, or until you feel like you might pass out. Whichever comes first.

But wait, there's more! You're not done yet.

Now it's time to work back down to lighter dumbbells. After your heaviest set, start working your way back down until you reach the lightest dumbbell. Here is a sample run the rack mega-set:

  • 15s x max reps
  • 20s x max reps
  • 25s x max reps
  • 30s x max reps
  • 35s x max reps
  • 30s x max reps
  • 25s x max reps
  • 20s x max reps
  • 15s x max reps
8/12/15 Tri-set - Your front and side delts are thrashed and trashed. You likely have a wicked trapezius pump as well. Next, we move on to rear delts.

A tri-set is a grouping of 3 exercises performed back-to-back-to-back using no rest between sets. For this rear delt tri-set, you will be hammering the following exercises and rep schemes.
  • Bent over dumbbell reverse flyes - 8 reps
  • Face pulls - 12 reps
  • Reverse pec dec/rear delt flyes - 15 reps

You will be performing 2 sets here. Rest about 2-3 minutes in between each tri-set.

Versa Gripps

Rest-pause - This shoulder workout is completed with one all-out trap blasting set. You can perform any shrug variation you prefer: power shrugs, barbell shrugs or dumbbell shrugs. Make sure to wear your Versa Gripps or lifting straps. You'll need them.

Load up a weight that you could typically perform no more than 20 to 25 reps with. Now, knock out as many reps as humanly possible.

When you reach failure or near failure, you're not done. You must continue to hold the barbell or dumbbell while you rest.

Rest only for a few seconds. When you feel like you can knock out another couple of reps, get after it. Continue with the set until you reach 40 or 50 total reps.

Remember... Do NOT set the barbell or dumbbell down at any point. Rest as often as you need to.

This is one set and done. If you still have energy left, perform a second set.

Machine Mode 5 Shoulder Workouts Method

Add weight to these moves when you can, and when it makes sense. Slow, steady progression wins the gains race.

You can fit this 5 shoulder workouts method into any conventional bro split. Just make sure you allow a couple days for your triceps to recover before hitting your chest day.
Shoulder Workout
5 Shoulder Workouts Method
Exercise Sets Reps
Military Press or Variation (Strength)  3  3
Machine Shoulder Press (Volume)  5  10
Dumbbell Laterals (Run the Rack)  1  MAX
Rear Delt Tri-Set (Tri-Set)  2  8/12/15
Power Shrugs or Variation (Rest-Pause)  1-2  40-50
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