The Ultimate 600 Rep Beast Arm Workout Challenge

The Ultimate 600 Rep Beast Arm Workout Challenge

Note: Introduction by Ryan Rodal. Workout by Brently Rousset.

Are you looking to add some size to those biceps and triceps? Are you sick of your sleeves flapping in the wind because your guns arent hugging the sleeves?

Are you sad or discouraged because you lack the proper artillery to constitutionally practice your 2nd Amendment rights on a daily basis? If you answered yes to any of the preceding questions we have just the workout for you!

This is the best arm workout we've ever tried.

Ask any regular gym bro what their favorite workout is and they'll likely say arms. Arms are the most notorious of the glamour muscles. Arms are the go to favorite on #flexfridays?

I mean, how often do you actually see people flex their leg muscles?

As professionally uncertified BRO-scientists, we came up with the hypothesis that in order to get the best pump for arm day we had to go to the most hardcore gym on the West Coast. To complete the Ultimate 600 Rep Arm Challenge, we looked no further than the one and only Metroflex of Long Beach, CA. Metroflex has seen some of the most intense workout sessions of all-time among the likes of such personalities as Mike Rashid, Big Rob, CT Fletcher, Dom Mazzetti, Marc Lobliner, and even Snoop Dogg (well if he lifted).

In order to test out our new workout plan to get that #stupidpump we decided to head over on a warm Friday night, take two scoops of pre-workout directly to the dome, and proceed to let the gains begin.

Warning: Call your doctor if your pump lasts longer than 4 hours (because it will).
Rodal and Rousset
Tiger Fitness writers Brently Rousset and Ryan Rodal showing off those 600 rep beast arm workout gains!

The Best Arm Workout for Stupid Gains and a Stupid Pump

Now, onto the fun stuff. The workout itself. If this workout doesn't get you excited to destroy your arms then I need you to check your pulse to make sure you aren?t dead. This workout is fun, intense, and something you will look forward to doing again.

With this arm workout you are going to hit your biceps and triceps from multiple angles through multiple exercises. You will perform 5 exercises for your biceps and 5 exercises for your triceps with a total of 300 reps for each muscle group.

You will combine some heavy, low rep work on the compound movements with higher rep, shorter rest period isolation exercises. The combination of high weight, low rep movements with low weight, high rep movements is going to assist in building size, strength, and definition in your arms.

Your biceps and triceps are both made up of three main muscle groups. The three muscle groups in your biceps are the long head, short head, and brachiallis. Your triceps are made up of the lateral head, medial head, and long head.

Muscle Groups Targeted

Preacher CurlsBiceps
  • Straight Bar Barbell Curl: short head
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl: long head
  • Preacher Curl: short head
  • Drag Curl: long head
  • Rope Hammer Curls: long head and brachiallis
  • Triceps Pushdown Machine: all three heads
  • Close Grip Bench: all three heads
  • Rope Pushdown: long head
  • Reverse Grip Bar Pushdown: lateral head
  • Overhead Dumbbell Press: all three heads
Each exercise performed in this routine is designed to target different muscle groups within your biceps and triceps to help you develop strong, thick, well-rounded guns. Now, grab some dumbbells and barbells and let's teach your arms the true meaning of the word PUMP.

The 600 Rep Challenge

Bicep Workout
Best Arm Workout
Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Straight Bar, Barbell Curls - 80-85% 1RM  6  5  1 min
Straight Bar, Barbell Curls - Drop the weight 15-20 pounds  3  10  20-30 sec
Incline Dumbbell Curl - 60-65% 1RM  5  12  20-30 sec
Preacher Curl - 80-85% 1RM  6  5  1 min
Preacher Curl - Drop the weight 15-20 pounds  3  10  20-30 sec
Drag Curl (Using Smith machine or straight bar on a cable machine) - 60-65% 1RM  5  12  20-30 sec

Triceps Workout
Best Arm Workout
Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Triceps Pushdown (if you?re gym doesn't have this machine, do weighted dips instead) - 80-85% 1RM  6  5  1 min
Triceps Pushdown - Drop the weight 15-20 pounds  3  10  20-30 sec
Close Grip Bench - 80-85% 1RM  6  5  1 min
Close Grip Bench - Drop the weight 15-20 pounds  3  10  20-30 sec
Rope Pushdowns - 60-65% 1RM  5  12  20-30 sec
Reverse Grip Straight Bar Pushdowns - 60-65% 1RM  5  12  20-30 sec

600 Rep Arm Workout Finishing Exercises

  • Superset with Rope Hammer Curls and Overhead Dumbbell Press - 5 sets, 12 reps each exercise using a weight 60-65% 1RM. Rest 60 seconds between each superset.
Smith machine curls

The Overtime

Your 600 reps are complete. But, for some of you that may not have been enough. If so, you can finish your routine off with another superset for 200 more reps..
  • Superset EZ Bar Curls and Skullcrushers - 5 sets, 20 reps each exercise using a weight 50% 1RM. Rest 60 seconds between each superset.
You can start the routine hitting either biceps or triceps first. Finish the exercises for that muscle group then move onto the next set of exercises for the second muscle group.

Really focus on the rest times between sets. Use a watch or a timer on your phone. Or, if you are performing this routine with a workout partner rotate back and forth with the sets as soon as the other person has finished their set. The short rest periods paired with the high rep schemes in this routine is going to push the maximum amount of blood to your muscles to give you the skin-splitting pump you?re looking for.

Routine Complete

If you were to line up the branched chain amino acids we consumed during our workout they would spread the length of the United States just like Hands Across America, but without the sleeves and mullets. What did we do once we finished our 600 rep challenge do you ask?! We did more arms of course.

What else would you do? Our 600 rep challenge was supersetted with approximately 200 more reps. The pump felt was something legends are made of as vascularity, arm size, and grunting were at an all-time high. Keep in mind ladies and gentleman, this arm workout is not for the faint at heart. However, we recommend trying this plan out and possibly incorporating it into your workout at least bi-monthly or tri-monthly (no pun intended).

If you haven?t done an arms day in a while, reintroduce your biceps to your triceps and feel what greatness is made of. Just because summer is almost over doesn't mean you can't give out free tickets to the gun show year-round. We promise you won't regret this routine. Just don't plan on opening any doors in the near future (because you won't be able to).

After you have tried this challenge be sure to tag us on Instagram @ryanrodal and @thebrentness with hashtags #600repschallenge and #tigerfitness.
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