Red, White, and GAINZ Sleeve-Splitting Arm Workout

Red, White, and GAINZ Sleeve-Splitting Arm Workout

Big, veiny, ripped, bulging arms.

The kind that when you wear a regular shirt, a shirt that looks normal on most guys, it hugs your arms like a scared child holding onto his mom?s leg. The kind that flight attendants touch as you walk onto the plane. 

Arms that set you apart from normal dudes.

To get these arms, we have devised a plan. There are two types of muscle fibers, Red (slow twitch) and white (fast twitch).

Red muscle fibers, or slow twitch, are built for endurance activity. They are slower to contract but are responsible for longer workout or rep ranges then the other muscle fiber type, white muscle fibers. White muscle fibers are fast twitch, which means they contract fast for more dramatic outputs of strength, like lower rep, higher power sets.

How much your body has of each of these muscle fiber types is highly dependent on genetics. Many workouts you see only end up targeting on type of muscle fiber or another. This results in the incomplete development of the arm musculature, ultimately shortchanging your gains and leaving too much space in your sleeves.

We have seen many workouts prescribe the ideology of either high or low rep training being "the most effective" form of training. They often lead to building Popsicle stick arms, not the type of guns that require a permit to conceal under a hoodie.

However, to maximize muscle growth, why wouldn't we target both of these muscle fibers for a workout? The Red, White and GAINZ Sleeve-Splitting Arm Workout is designed to not only hit these muscle fibers with a fury, but also to ensure that not one muscle fiber is left wanting for more during this onslaught of arm torture. If you want gains, this is the arm program for you!

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10 Arm Workout Rules for Fast Mass

Here we will lay out some rules of this program then we will have a sample program along with a video of us completing this workout. This is not for the faint of heart and will require about 60 minutes or more to complete so if you want arm gains, you are in the right place! Here are some rules for this training system.

Rule #1 - Start with your heavy sets

Complete your set of five reps with HEAVY weight prior to the lower-weight work with 20 reps. This will allow for maximal output and recruitment of the white muscle fibers.

Rule #2 - On the first few sets, warm up

You can't just jump into 5 reps sets of triceps press downs without a proper warm-up. Thus, we recommend 2-3 warm ups of the following rep scheme.
  • Warm Up 1: 15 reps
  • Warm Up 2: 10 Reps
  • Optional Warm Up 3: 8 Reps
Then BALLS OUT on the 5 rep set.

Rule #3 - Adapt to the weight used

If you underestimate the weight, either stop and raise the weight or do more reps. If you get 5 reps and have more in the tank for 1-2 more reps, get them! But aim to choose a weight you can hit the targeted weight at.

Rule #4 - Get all 20 reps

Even if you need to rest-pause, we want those red fibers hit and hit hard. If you get 15 reps and cannot do one more, rest 10-15 seconds and then crush the rest of those reps. DO NOT cheat yourself on reps.

Rule #5 - Use the magic number 4

Choose four exercises for biceps and four exercises for triceps. I will lay out a sample program below, but this seems to be the sweet spot for volume.

Rule #6 - Have an arm day

Perform this on its own day, once per week. You will need to give your all on this program, so doing it with any other bodypart will be futile.

Rule #7 - Give this arm workout a chance

Do this for six to eight weeks then change it up. While you can do this indefinitely, we like seeing variety in training and periodization. After some time on another program, feel free to go back to this!

Rule #8 - Alternate a biceps and a triceps movement

Alternate exercises so instead of doing all triceps at once then all triceps, you do a biceps movement, then a triceps movement, then repeat. This allows you to recover and crush the next movement.

Rule #9 - Rest for about one minute between sets

That's it. Simple. Stick to it.

Rule #10 - Fewer warm-up sets as you progress

As the workout progresses, you might not need to warm up as much. Do only enough warm-ups as you need to get into the groove for that movement.

The Best Arm Workout Routine for Quality Gains

Feel free to alternate movements. Frankly if you are doing a bicep or triceps movement, they are all interchangeable. Do what works best for you!
Red White and Gainz
Arm Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
Cable Triceps Pressdowns - Warm-ups  3  15, 10, 8
Cable Triceps Pressdowns - Heavy  1  5
Cable Triceps Pressdowns - Lighter  1  20
Cable Rope Curls - Warm-ups  2  15, 10
Cable Rope Curls - Heavy  1  5
Cable Rope Curls - Lighter  1  20
Skull Crushers - Warm-ups  2  15, 10
Skull Crushers - Heavy  1  5
Skull Crushers - Lighter  1  20
Barbell Curls - Warm-ups  2  15, 10
Barbell Curls - Heavy  1  5
Barbell Curls - Lighter  1  20
Machine Dips - Warm-ups  2  15, 10
Machine Dips - Heavy  1  5
Machine Dips - Lighter  1  20
Machine Preacher Curl - Warm-ups  2  15, 10
Machine Preacher Curl - Heavy  1  5
Machine Preacher Curl - Lighter  1  20
Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Press - Warm-ups  2  15, 10
Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Press - Heavy  1  5
Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Press - Lighter  1  20
Dumbbell Curl - Warm-ups  2  15, 10
Dumbbell Curl - Heavy  1  5
Dumbbell Curl - Lighter  1  20

The Supplement Stack & Nutrition Plan

For this we want to combine preworkouts for the ultimate pump and bloodflow. Adequate beta alanine, creatine, betaine nutrate for bloodflow, controlled release caffeine for sustained energy and a long-lasting carb to ensure the nutrients and pump stays all workout. Here is the stack:

[caption id="attachment_23079" align="alignright" width="280"]MTS Ruckus Ruckus is the pre-workout you've been waiting for! Order now.[/caption]

Taken pre-workout

And to even further enhance nutrient partitioning, we like to stack HPN M6 with this as a daily supplement and this also helps prevent fat storage!

Just as a guideline, we need to include these to make sure your diet is in check. All training and no diet = SUB-OPTIMAL GAINZ!

Salute the Gainz!

There you have it! Leave no fiber untrained. Start this program this week and help add some inches to those pythons. Because having big arms?that's not a game!
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