3 Ways To Get Stronger On Chest by Kris Gethin

3 Ways To Get Stronger On Chest by Kris Gethin

There's always going to be that part of your brain which says strength doesn't matter to you, then one day you will wake up and realize it does. No keen gym disciple isn't at least a little bit concerned about getting strong, particularly on chest exercises like the bench press.

When I look back at the weights I used to lift as a teenager I chuckle to myself, as where today 130lbs dumbbells are my "go to" for chest day. Funny how times change if you put the effort in!

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If you want my advice on getting stronger when it comes to pressing, you're about to get it.

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3 Ways to Build a Stronger Chest

#1 - Warm Up Correct

So much strength is left on the table by blokes across the world failing to warm up properly. The "warm-up" needs to do more than just raise your heart rate and massage your joints a little.

It needs to actively excite your central nervous system to the point the "big guns" are ready to fire. By this, I mean your high threshold motor units. Its these things in your CNS which actually make you as strong as possible, so wake them up before you begin.

To do this all you need to do is spend enough time doing warm-up sets which actually challenge you, aim to build your weight so that the 8-10 rep range is getting heavy before doing the first real set.

#2 - Build Your Long Head

Every man who presses big has powerful diamond-like triceps, which is because his long head is so well developed. If you can build yours up then your strength on pressing will swiftly follow. The best way to go about this is swapping most of your triceps exercises for overhead alternatives such as:
  • Overhead cable extensions
  • Incline skull crushers
  • Single arm overhead dumbbell extensions
These are the exercises which really attack that long head and make it grow. Another fantastic exercise for this purpose is a close stance, close grip cable pushdown with your elbows pushed right back. The position you should find yourself in will have the cable running against the end of your nose, this will nail your long head!

#3 - Lift Heavy!

Many men are actually worried about lifting heavy which is something you've got to overcome at some point. Just ask your body to do more and over time it shall do this, provided you're eating adequate amounts of the right food and taking your Kaged Muscle supplements.

As you lift heavy your CNS becomes more alert to the stresses you're putting it under, so it then learns how to recruit these high threshold motor units much quicker. Most of the time getting stronger is about system stress rather than "getting bigger" alone.

Hopefully, that'll help you become the number one man in your gym on chest day now!
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