3 Savage Chest Workouts You Will Hate - But Love!

3 Savage Chest Workouts You Will Hate - But Love!

These chest workouts are ferocious. Ruthless. Severe. Unforgettable.

Sometimes we just need a change. A challenge. To hit the gym and go bat crap cray cray. (Did I just say cray cray? Apparently.) If you're interested in carpet bombing your chest, and am tired of the same old dull programs, these three chest workouts will fit the bill.

I consider these chest workouts three-monthers. Save them for special occasions; maybe performing one every three months. They are perfect challenge sessions when you are in the mood for a bro-off beat down.

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You will hate them! You will love them! A completely dysfunctional relationship that ends in the perfect marriage of muscle soreness and uber gains.

Savage Chest Workouts

Chest Workout #1 - The Ladder to Hades

Perform this raw, or with a bench press assistance device like Mark Bell's Slingshot. Either way your pecs (and triceps) will be toast.

Starting weight will be about 55% of your one rep max. Don't panic at how "light" this seems for a bench press challenge. You're about to take a trip down a burning river of pain.

On your first set perform a rep. Rest as needed. Your second set will be two reps, third set will be three reps, and fourth set will be four reps. Continue adding a rep to each subsequent set until you reach failure.

Make sure to tell us how you did in the comments section below. List your body weight, age, bench press weight, and total reps you managed to reach before hitting failure.

If you reach 25 reps you're a freak. 20 is actually the gold standard.

Optional: For a twist, you can use lighter dumbbells for this challenge instead of the barbell bench press.
Ladder to Hades
Chest Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
Bench Press 1 to 25+ 1 to 25+

Chest Workout #2 - Death by Tri-Sets

A tri-set is a group of three exercises performed back to back to back without resting in between sets. For this chest workout, you will knock out the following tri-set:
  • Dumbbell Bench Press - 8 reps
  • Push Ups - 8 reps
  • Svend Press - 8 reps
Check out this tutorial on the Svend press by Tiger Fitness writer Brently Rousset:

How to perform the Svend press.
The goal? To see how many of these tri-sets you can knock out in 45 minutes or an hour. Rest as long as needed in between each tri-set.

Let us know how you did in the comments section.
Death by Tri-Sets
Chest Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
Dumbbell Bench Press 1 8
Push Ups 1 8
Svend Press 1 8

Chest Workout #3 - Plates on Plates on Plates

Here we will perform two exercises... The bench press and pec dec.

For the bench press, start with the bar and hammer out 6 reps. Add 10 pound plates on each side and perform another 6 reps, Continue adding 10 pound plates until you reach a weight that brings you to failure before 6 reps.

At that point, pull a 10 pound plate off each side and try to knock out 6 reps. Continue the pattern of removing a 10 pound plate and trying to get to 6 reps. Once you reach the bar only, perform your last 6 rep set before moving on to pec dec.

For the pec dec, we will perform 10 rep sets. Start with a plate only. Continue moving up to the next heaviest plate, knocking out an additional 10 reps. When you reach a weight that doesn't allow for 10 reps, start working your way back down the stack until you reach the base plate.

Rest as needed between each set.

Note: If you have a relatively weak bench press one rep max, try adding 5 pound plates instead of 10s.
Plates on Plates on Plates
Chest Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
Bench Press Many 6
Pec Dec Many 10
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Chris HAnsen - January 13, 2022

Great workouts. I tried the tri sets for arms and worked awesome. Legs next

John Best - January 11, 2019

For workout 2, do you recommend a certain percentage of my PR for the bench press?

richard newfield - January 11, 2019

Great workout

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