19 Benefits of Squats - Big Wheels & Sex Appeal

19 Benefits of Squats - Big Wheels & Sex Appeal

Ask any bro in the gym and they will tell you how much they can bench and curl... But what about their squat? No, the leg press doesn't count.

So, this elusive exercise known as the squat has a lot of benefits, including building an overall more aesthetic body, elicits a huge anabolic hormonal response, and carries over to other sports.

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19 Reasons to Squat

#1 - Squats Build Huge Legs

Squats pound your posterior chain and your quads, along with the rest of your body.

Whether you are doing bodyweight squats or squats with a barbell, this exercise is great to build some strong and ripped legs.

#2 - Squats Elicit an Anabolic Hormonal Release

The amount of stress that heavy barbell squats put on your body forces your nervous system to dump anabolic hormones into your blood.

Squats boost testosterone and human growth hormone, as well as releasing endorphins.
Endorphins improve your mood and are natural painkillers.

Between the boost in hormones and the endorphins, there's no good reason not to squat.

#3 - Squats Build Muscle All Over

Since your hormones are going crazy, your entire body puts slabs of muscles on.

If you have been making decent gains without doing squats, adding them to your workout will give you explosive growth.

#4 - Squats Build a Bulletproof Back

Ever wonder why your upper back slouches when you squat? A weak upper and mid back can make you slouch and fall out of the groove of your form.

Squats hammer your posterior chain and forces your core and back to maintain tightness.

The stronger your squat, the stronger your back.

Barbell Squats#5 - Squats Strengthen Your Core

Looking for chiseled abs and obliques that make girls want? Of course you do.

Quit doing the crunches and sit-ups you think that work, and try squats and planks.

#6 - Squats Strengthen Joints

Any serious lifter needs to know that joints, ligaments, and connective tissue strength are just as important as muscular strength.

Progressively overloading your body with heavier and heavier squats builds strength in your joints, ligaments, and connective tissue.

#7 - Squats Build Stronger Bones

The extra hormonal release from squats builds bigger, stronger bones.

No, it doesn't mean you are going to turn into some Hulk-like freak with overgrown bones. It does mean that even older lifters can help combat osteoporosis.

#8 - Squats Help You Burn More Fat

It should come as no surprise that squats burn a lot of calories.

The sheer amount of muscles needing to keep you balanced and stiff stokes your metabolism.
Squats have been shown to be more effective than running because of what happens after you lift.

Cardiovascular activity burns calories and has a short time after exercise to keep burning calories. Squats, on the other hand, burn calories for hours after you lift.

#9 - Squats Improve Your Balance

Since your bones and connective tissue are getting a workout, all of your smaller balancing muscles get worked.

Completing a full range of motion in your squat allows your body to practice being in less-than-ideal positions and helps you improve your balance.

Over time, this will keep you from silly injuries inside and outside of the gym.

#10 - Squats Improve Heart and Lung Capacity

High-intensity training or high-volume training both push your body to the max.

The endurance your body must build up to squat heavy for reps forces your body to become more efficient in how it uses oxygen. The improvements can show as quick as 2 weeks with consistent training.

#11 - Squats Reduce the Risk of Injury

Squats work literally every muscle in your body. From your posterior chain to your grip strength, squats build it all.

A stronger, more agile and flexible body reduce the risk of injury.

#12 - Squats Improve Mobility and Flexibility

Sedentary lifestyle? You probably know how hard it is to even hit parallel with a squat. Your hips are tight, your quads are overdeveloped, your hamstrings are super tight, and your glutes are inactive. This makes squatting a nightmare.

Starting with bodyweight squats and working your way up to a barbell back squat will build mobility and flexibility in your whole body.

The added mobility carries over to all facets of life.

#13 - Squats Build aHuge Vertical Jump

Looking to jump higher and dunk? Improving your vertical jump is easy with squats. The posterior chain is hammered during this exercise.

With proper explosive and heavy training, you will add inches to your vertical in no time.

#14 - Squats Improve Sprinting Speed

Another benefit of squats is your improved sprinting speed. As an overweight guy myself, people's jaw drop when they see how fast I can sprint.

The explosiveness you build in your posterior chain is extremely useful for any contact or running sport.

Get ahead of your competition with heavy squats.

#15 - Squats Build Mental Toughness

Nothing is more scary than putting 500 pounds on your back and squat down and stand back up.

Being able to blind out the fear and doubts in your abilities is something you have to get good at if you want to lift heavy.

This mental toughness you build carries over into your career and other areas of life.

#16 - Squats Improve Circulation

Full range squats puts many muscles through a full range of motion. The extra nutrients your muscles need are shuttled in your blood.

Improved circulation means more oxygen and nutrients getting to your muscles and vital organs.

Have trouble with cellulite? Squats have been shown to increase circulation so much that you are able say bye to cellulite.

#17 - The Squat Rack is Usually Empty

Let's face it, no one really does squats, do they?

If you go to most any regular gym, the squat rack will be empty. That is, if you even have one. Monday there may be a line for the bench, but if you do squats on Monday, you'll never be bothered again.

#18 - Squats Give You a Better Posture

You've seen that squats work basically every muscle in the body, right?

Holding a barbell on your back with your back straight, core braced, and able to move in a full range of motion allows your body to strengthen muscles that have weakened, and stretch overdeveloped and tight muscles.

#19 - Squats Give Improves the Libido For Men

Having issues downstairs? Squats have been compared to a natural Viagra, so why haven't you started yet?

Think about it, increased flexibility, better blood flow, and a better-looking body. This is science, try it and see for yourself.


Look, here's 19 reasons why squats are amazing. If you decide that your knees are still "bad" and choose not to do them, you'll forever be small.

Do you even lift, bro?
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John Hennessy - January 11, 2019

Man squats to me is a love/hate relationship. Kind of like anal. You don’t want to do it, but you know you have to.

Mark Cole - January 11, 2019

I love to squat. I suck at it I can only squat 565. But I enjoy it. Always makes me feel better after a bad day.

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