10 Commandments of Bodybuilding - Thou Shalt Make Gainz!

10 Commandments of Bodybuilding - Thou Shalt Make Gainz!

When it comes to bodybuilding there are several simple rules that should be followed in order to ensure you receive the best results in the most optimal fashion possible. If you follow these guidelines you will be able to build the best physique without any additional wasted time and neglect.

Fitness is a simple topic, But many people try to make it more complicated by adding in loads of additional fluff information; information that isn't a vital component required to reach your goals.

Try to rid your psyche of this unneeded data and concentrate only on what truly is important.

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Bodybuilding Rules

10 Commandments of Bodybuilding

#1 - Thou shalt not half rep

Whether it be reaching full depth for squats or performing the full range of motion for benching, make sure to use the full range of motion on both the eccentric and concentric portions of the exercise to receive the maximal amount of benefit.

The people that you see every day at the gym loading up 12 plates per side on the leg press only to go down an inch are succeeding in doing absolutely nothing except putting excess pressure on their knees and looking stupid.

#2 - Thou shalt not sweat on equipment

Nothing is worse than walking to your favorite piece of equipment only to find it covered in questionable liquid only seconds after the previous user decided to bail instead of spending 10 extra seconds wiping down the equipment.

Grab a paper towel and have some resemblance of hygiene to be both courteous and sanitary. Better yet put a towel down where your head goes to prevent the sweat from leaking onto the equipment in the first place.

#3 - Thou shall wear proper gym attire

There have been numerous times where people have been spotted wearing the wrong forms of clothing at the gym. Whether it be squatting in sandals or simply walking around the gym barefoot be sure to wear athletic attire that is both cleanly and safe.

You don't want to be that guy that drops a 100 pound dumbbell on his foot and be in a cast for months at a time.

#4 - Thou shalt not hog equipment

Some people have the tendency to do one set on a bench walk away for ten minutes with their stuff unattended and return later. Not only is this rude but it also conveys a lack of respect for the individuals that are also trying to use the equipment around you.

Perform workouts in a timely and efficient manner while also respecting the other members of the gym.

#5 - Thou shalt not sing publicly

This is a gym, not a karaoke bar don't be one of those people that raps or sings at the top of their lungs throughout the entire workout. We know you can recite the lyrics to Coolio's "Gangster's Paradise "by heart but theres no need to force everyone else to endure the struggles of your singing voice.

#6 - Thou shalt not ego lift

Don't be one of those people that attempts to lift far more weight than they should when it not going to provide you with some sort of benefit.

Squatting 225 for several reps is much more beneficial to overall growth and development than trying to squat 405 for half an inch.

#7 - Thou shall not mix supplements in the water fountain

You go to the water fountain expecting to receive a nice cool drink to rehydrate yourself. Instead you find chocolate protein powder and blue raspberry pre-workout residue stained all over the fountain. This is not only disgusting but also causes you to inhale four day old protein that has been marinating for who knows how long.

Mix your supplements at home and be respectful to your lifting counterparts.

#8 - Thou shalt not creep

Not just for guys because both men and women can creep at the gym. Stare at the mirror and your form not at the girl in the yoga pants.

Being a creep at the gym is going to get you nothing but a bunch of dirty looks from the opposite sex. A gym is a place to workout not a bar.

#9 - Thou shalt not block the mirror/equipment

Don't be the guy that is standing performing curls directly in front of the mirror blocking every other person in the gym from grabbing the weights they want to use. Instead grab what you need and step away from the rack.

#10 - Thou shall re-rack weights in the proper spot

Put the weights back in the right spot (which is hopefully where you found them). Too often we enter gyms only to find all weights strung all over the place with the 120's next to the 25's. don't be that guy.

Follow these simple rules and the other members of the gym will respect you to a much greater extent. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @ryanrodal and subscribe to my YouTube channel MuscleMinds for more great content and workout advice.
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