The Three Worst Bodybuilding Tips Ever

The Three Worst Bodybuilding Tips Ever

Bodybuilding is a unique sport. So many paths lead to results that we are simply left to argue which is most optimal. Things like drinking a tuna shake and training until you puke come to mind, but those are unique acts of stupidity.

In this article, I will list the three most common, yet most ridiculous, bodybuilding tips ever and explain why they are absolutely silly. Read on to know what to avoid and why you should avoid it!

3 Worst Bodybuilding Tips

Tip #1 - No Pain No Gain

If this were true, I would have my wife kick me in the nuts hourly and in a few short months, I would look like Phil Heath.

What I have learned from years of training is that training to the point of being very sore not only has no impact on results, but also negatively impacts your ability to train with maximal load even with a different body part. We also have data to demonstrate that going beyond failure, as in the “ONE MORE REP!” mantra, does little to nothing for muscle growth over stopping just shy of failure. [1]

My recommendation is to follow a program where you start with a compound lift, like deadlifts, bench, squat or rows and perform your max-load sets right up to failure. Then support that movement with lighter, near-failure but not beyond failure sets to ensure balance and muscle fibers overloaded.

A great program for this is my FREE 12-week trainer found here.

Diet is 80% of Your Results

I have yet to see any study that realized an exact number for what percentage of your life gives you gains. This is absurd, yet repeated frequently to demonstrate how important diet is.

I am all for overstating the importance of diet, but let’s not make stupid statements to emphasize a point. Diet is 100%, training is 100%, and supplements do just that, they SUPPLEMENT your diet and training (they don’t substitute!).

Diet determines if you gain weight or lose weight, and training is the stimulus to maintain or add lean mass (hypertrophy). Nothing more, nothing less… They are BOTH necessary!

Double the Dose/Whatever it Takes

This goes for those who live that enhanced lifestyle and you natties. Going beyond the recommended and/or scientifically validated dose usually will not lead to more gains.

For example, two Tylenol will help a headache. 10 Tylenol will put you into a hepatoxic state in danger of liver failure.

While other things won’t have this egregious damage, the “whatever it takes” lifestyle is cool and all until something bad happens, and then you regret it.

Do whatever it takes within reason, meaning don’t miss a workout, always hit your macros and take your supplements as suggested. But going above and beyond to the point of negatively effecting your health isn’t worth it at all!

Getting 1,000 likes on the gram is great, but not living a healthy and long life isn’t something you should sacrifice for that.

Final Thoughts

This is my top three. What do you feel are the three worst bodybuilding tips ever? Comment below and earn some rewards points to redeem on supplements, swag, and even a training session with ME or Chris Jones. Check out this epic time:

1) Sampson JA, Groeller H. Is repetition failure critical for the development of muscle hypertrophy and strength? Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2015 Mar 24;:1–9.
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