Top 7 Common Bodybuilding Mistakes Made by Beginners

Top 7 Common Bodybuilding Mistakes Made by Beginners

Getting into shape, learning to train properly, and beginning the path towards achieving your goal physique is a road filled with challenges, obstacles, and likely several bouts of trial and error.

In past generations, individuals would simply have to rely upon instruction given via word of mouth or through personal experimentation. Now with the modern day power of the Internet and social media, access can easily be granted to an endless amount of training programs, diet plans, and advanced techniques.

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However, with this seemingly endless parade of information it can be difficult to separate proper advice from simple hype. The following 7 mistakes are made by new gym-goers all the time but may be easily avoided using proper technique and guidance.
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7 Common Beginner Mistakes

#1 - Skipping compound movements

Beginners typically do not enjoy heavy compound exercises such as deadlifts and squats due to the fact that their form requires constant repetition to reach perfection. Instead, beginners will typically overwork machines and perform far too much accessory work.

While lat pulldowns and bicep curls have their proper place in training they are not necessarily the basis for your training.

#2 - Not following a proper diet

Diet is often considered by many to be more important than training. People tend to fall victim to ignoring a proper diet and eat whatever they please.

Furthermore, sometimes people choose to eat worse because they are training hard. This wrongfully justifies a bad diet.

Eating too little protein and too many carbohydrates is a recipe for complete dietary disaster. With tools available today to help track your meals there is no reason not to stick to a solid diet plan.

#3 - Lack of consistency

Motivation often has several peaks and valleys, but the secret to getting and staying in shape is being consistent day in and day out.

The biggest reason people tend to fail is the fact that they stick with a program or diet plan for only a couple of weeks before drastic results can be seen. If results are not seen immediately many people will become discouraged and simply give up.

Following a proper plan for weeks, months, and years will lead to the best possible results.

#4 - Not learning form

Instead of taking the time to read about proper form using lighter weights, gym newbies will tend to increase the weight too quickly. If form is not learned from the beginning bad habits will be learned that are difficult to change at a later time.

Focus on form and slowly increase the weight over time. This will prevent injuries and build a solid foundation for a lifetime of future training.

#5 - Using too many supplements

Supplementation is not required if diet and training are not in check. Often times beginners will spend hundreds of dollars on an endless amount of supplements before having all other variables in check.

If one chooses to use supplements only purchase the essentials such as protein, creatine, and pre-workout at the beginning. As you become advanced more supplements may be added to your diet and workout plan.

#6 - Not drinking enough water

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of proper hydration. Drinking enough water is not only crucial for recovery but is vital for your health and wellness.

For most healthy adults 1-2 gallons should be mandated per day for a sufficient healthy lifestyle.

#7 - Following trends

The latest diet fad or gimmick will often take precedence over solid proven training methods. People want the quickest, fastest, easiest solution that will help them bypass hardwork and patience.

The truth is most of these fads will die off quickly only to be replaced by the next popular thing.

Don't be one of the beginners that falls victim to the mistakes mentioned in this article. By avoiding common pitfalls you will be well on your way towards living a healthy fulfilling lifestyle.

Stick to the basics and build a foundation that will set you up for success in the future instead of disappointment. Follow me on Instagram @ryanrodal and subscribe to my YouTube channel MuscleMinds for more diet tips and workout advice.
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