Gym Gear You May Need: Top 10 Gym Accessories

Gym Gear You May Need: Top 10 Gym Accessories

Whether you are a fitness beginner or a seasoned veteran, there are certain gym bag accessories designed to help. Than allow you progress faster, lift more weight, and become a stronger, physical specimen.

With so many different tools available at your disposal it can become challenging to determine which types of gym gear are, and are not, necessary. Not only can certain types of equipment help you lift more weight but can also aide in preventing future injuries.

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Let's take a look inside your gym bag and see what you might be missing out on.

Gym Gear You May Need

#1 - Weightlifting belt/powerlifting belt

Weightlifting belts can help prevent hyperextension of the back and help improve form and posture, especially when performing heavy or max set efforts.

Squat and deadlift max effort attempts make the body significantly more prone to injury without a belt. By using a belt you may prevent yourself from getting injured and it may just be that little extra edge needed to overcome obstacles standing in your way.

#2 - Wrist straps

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Wrist straps are a great accessory on back day that helps isolate the back contraction and prevents overuse of the biceps. By using these accessories on back day you will be able to potentially lift more weight, focus more closely on using the lat muscles, and lift heavier weight in instances where grip strength may be a limiting factor.

In my opinion wrist wraps are a bodybuilder's best friend for building that mind muscle connection.

#3 - Wrist wraps

When performing heavy bench or pushing movements your wrists may be placed in a vulnerable position especially if you have prior injuries or flexibility issues. Wrist wraps help keep your wrists straightened allowing you to push more weight without flexibility issues.

There are different degrees of wrist wrap thickness and strength. While you don't want to necessarily rely on wrist wraps completely, they will help in preventing further injuries from occurring.

#4 - Headphones

Nobody enjoys listening to Garth Brooks classic hits or Dr. Phil reruns at the gym, nor do we enjoy the meaningless conversations that abound in the gym. In order to drown out the noise, we need to listen to our own styles of music that will get us pumped up and allow us to destroy our workout to the best of our ability.

Forgetting headphones in the car is one of the worst potential mistakes that can occur preventing a killer workout.

#5 - Slingshot

Mark Bell's Slingshot

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Long time wrestler and powerlifter Mark Bell created a revolutionary product a few years ago. It has become a staple in gyms across the world.

The slingshot will improve your form, prevent injury from occurring, and allow you to push more weight than you normally would. The different slingshot resistances can be used depending upon an individual's strength and muscular potential.

#6 - Olympic lifting shoes

Many people would benefit from the use of Olympic lifting shoes when performing squats. They allow your feet to be more centered on the ground and for many people they will help you reach parallel or below parallel in your squat attempts.

If you are having issues reaching proper depth try investing in a pair of Olympic lifting shoes because they may just be worth the money spent.

#7 - Knee sleeves

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints among squatters. Investing in a pair of knee sleeves will not only prevent knee pain but will also help reach proper depth.

By keeping the knees warm you will be more likely to reach proper depth and maintain solid form while squatting. Pick up a pair of these to throw in your bag to help have a killer leg day.

#8 - Shaker bottle

Whether you need it for your pre-workout or to get a fast post-workout shake, having an extra bottle or two in your bag will go a long way. With so many options to choose from there are plenty of bottles to meet your each and every need.

#9 - Gym bag

There is no possible way to carry around all of your gear so make sure you have a quality bag to throw all of your items in. Get a quality bag that will last you for years and years to come.

#10 - A killer attitude

Perhaps the most important accessory you can have is the proper mindset to have an amazing workout before you even step foot inside the gym.

Final Thoughts

Having the rights tool will help you build the right body. Stock your gym bag full of the right equipment necessary for becoming stronger and building more muscle.

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