Too Much Exercise - Media Attacks Fitness, Time to Fight Back!

Too Much Exercise - Media Attacks Fitness, Time to Fight Back!

"Exercise is bad for the gut, and is only one of the many dangers of overtraining."

This sentiment was recently plastered over the news sites. Even the right-wing Drudge Report carried this story launched by The Telegraph. It was a groundbreaking piece worthy of being repurposed as toilet paper.

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In this article, I will expose how all of this is propaganda.

The average human in a developed-country is undertrained. It is very hard to overtrain and acquire "overtraining issues" such as rhabdomyolysis and "leaky gut syndrome." This was mentioned in the Telegraph article.

I love picking apart the uneducated, propagandist media. So hop on for a ride!

Watch the rant! Too much exercise?

Too Much Exercise?

Overtraining has been in the news lately due to CrossFit. Go figure! Reported cases of rhabdomyolysis are the culprit.

I am a Crossfit-L1 trainer. During the course, CrossFit even had a chapter on avoiding rhabdomyolysis. This was because of the rigors of CrossFit, such as "AMRAP" training (as many reps as possible), and completing a workload under a time restriction.

But this is way overstated in my opinion. It is extremely difficult to get rhabdomyolysis. The causes usually include:
  1. Drug use like amphetamines.
  2. Laying in fixed position for long periods like bed rest.
  3. Shocks and burns.
  4. Muscle strains in untrained individuals, meaning if you work up to a certain level of training, trauma is less so the risk is minimized.
  5. Viral and bacterial infections.

Also, to get rhabdomyolysis from training, one must train hard. By hard. I mean Rocky 4 hard. Like Drago and Rocky combined. Like crazy hard.

But I am betting the average reader of The Telegraph isn't at risk for much trauma in training, unless the remote control is on the other couch.

What garbage like this does is gives people a reason to not workout. Another strike against exercise. This clickbait BS title makes me cringe. Linking exercise to leaky gut when most readers should be worried about the visceral fat around their gut that will lead to type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

Then I read further. It links overtraining, again not an issue for most readers of this mag, to the following symptoms which I will dissect one by one just for fun and to dispel this nonsense.

1) Abnormal Heart Rhythms

They say:

"Those who regularly engage in endurance sports are at risk of causing permanent structural changes to heart muscles which scientists describe as cardiotoxic."

I say:

Give me a break, these are elite athletes! This article is geared toward the general population. Comparing a marathon runner or Olympic sprinter heart to a "normal" person is absurd.

2) A Shaky Immune System

They Say:

"Cortisol - a hormone emitted by the adrenal gland during periods of physical stress - stimulates gluconeogenesis (the production of new glucose) in the liver and increases protein breakdown in the muscles.

I say:

You know what stresses the liver? Obesity and alcohol, NOT exercising. We should be promoting why people should exercise. Again, this isn't a paper geared toward the elite Exos-trained Olympic athletes. This is a freaking newspaper!

3) Weakened Bones

They say:

"Not only are those who over-exercise more at risk of illness but they"re doubly as likely to end up bed-bound thanks to cortisol's interference with bone-building."

I say:

This is where they went full-potato. Lifting weights strengthens bones - Proven fact! Just one study among many: "High-intensity resistance training, in contrast to traditional pharmacological and nutritional approaches for improving bone health in older adults, has the added benefit of influencing multiple risk factors for osteoporosis including improved strength and balance and increased muscle mass." [1]

4) Mental Ill Health

They say:

"Pumping iron on a daily basis might be a fast-track to the Baywatch body you've always craved - but relentlessly hitting the weights has proven detrimental impacts on mental health."

I say:

Seriously, was this written by a human or a donkey? Research says, "The evidence is quite impressive how resistance training can improve several major mental health issues. In addition, the research is convincing that resistance training can appreciably improve cognitive function. An exercise professional's bottom line message to clients is clear. For a mental lift, you should weight lift!" [2]

I was on the fence about President Trump speaking about "fake news," but this proves his point 100%. This isn't just fake news, this is irresponsible and reprehensible, stupid news!

Please get the word out that exercise is NOT bad for you and help us fight this misinformation. Educating people on health will help us all in lowered health care costs and a more productive population. Share this article with everyone you know!

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