No Results? Try This Simple Workout Hack

No Results? Try This Simple Workout Hack

As I sit here, sipping on a coffee as black as my soul, I can't help but reflect on just how overcomplicated the fitness industry has become. It has subsequently lost sight of why we all started training in the first place ? to get fitter, healthier, stronger, and look better. Just to name a few goals, at least.

Why do people continually fail to reach these goals though?

Is there a thing as too much information, too much knowledge or too many options?

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The perfect squat stance. The optimal footing for deadlifts. The perfect alignment of your hands during a bench presses. Can I eat this food with that food?

Should I take this supplement stack with this training program? How long should I rest? Should I take a shit before or after training? Are boxers, briefs or commando best for optimal squat depth?

The searches that happen within the fitness industry are astounding. Frankly, it's madness.
We spend too much time down the rabbit hole that is over-information, seeking answers that cannot be found, for questions that are asinine in the first place. When this happens we miss the mark with training.

This search becomes wasted time, wasted energy and wasted resources. This ultimately and unfortunately equates to wasted life and wasted potential.

As long as you spend time in this fruitless search you'll never act with commitment to the cause.

When training becomes hard and resistance raises its inevitable head, you'll resort back to old, well-worn habits of hitting the laptop or phone and searching for the answers, But here's the reality of it all - it's meant to be hard.

it's meant to be a struggle. it's meant to take time and commitment. it's meant to challenge you and therefore cause growth in a physical and mental manner.

I have an idea for you to try.

Find a program, something well-balanced, something that includes some form of squat, some form of deadlift, some form of a press, and a pull that throughout it all has some form of continual progression. Then ? just stick with it. Stick with it for one month minimum. Heck, stick with it for three to six, even 12.

Stick with it through the questions, the boredom and the lack of new stimulus.

Give yourself a single option of finding and sticking with a program to completion. Treat it like it was the only option you have. Treat it like there's no way out, no going back. Fully commit to the cause.

Once you've fully found this commitment, the truth will come out ? the truth that essentially any balanced program will work. There is no magic program or exercise. it's whichever you can stick with, progress with, trust in and see through for a decent time frame.

Training full of mediocrity, inconsistency and incompetence not only fails to bring about the results you deserve, but also detracts from the precious time on this earth.

Closing Thoughts

As I finish this coffee and its caffeinated goodness courses through my veins and works its magic, I'm off to train.

If you?re interested, here's what's on the cards today for me:
  • 1a. 100m hill sprint
  • 1b. Pull-up on rings x 10
  • 1c. Weighted push-up x 10
This happens for 10 total rounds.

The sad truth is nobody is looking out for you, nor is anyone going to hold your hand when it's getting tough. There is no luck, no short-cuts and no magic pills.

Get after it yourself and when resistance raises its head, stand tall in its face and do what needs to be done. Work hard, commit to the cause, accept that nothing is perfect nor is it ever going to be and enjoy the hardship, when you do so, you'll reap all the good stuff you?re searching for.

Can you commit to something?

How will you chose to train your body and mind?
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