Rhomboid Exercises Finisher for Any Back Workout - Diamond Back Annihilation

Rhomboid Exercises Finisher for Any Back Workout - Diamond Back Annihilation

Remember your first time seeing a well-developed, chiseled back? You probably didn't notice the width caused by the lats. You probably didn't notice the lumbars coming across like a Christmas Tree on the lower back. No, you went straight to the middle, the ?diamonds? so to speak.

This area was defined and it popped so much you could have sworn it was carved out of, well, diamonds. The oft-neglected muscles responsible for this diamond shape are known as the rhomboids. Since these are hit secondarily during many back workouts, we won't change a thing about what you?re doing.

Pick a program like VPO-10, Core-4 or Rebuilt by James Grage (Co-Founder of BPI Sports) and do that back workout. But when that workout ends, this rhomboid exercises annihilator begins.

Simply do this after your normal back routine and you will have those rhomboids you always dreamed of, although you might not have known what they were called until 30 seconds ago!

The rhomboids consist of the rhomboid major and rhomboid minor. It is a superficial back muscle that connects the scapula with the vertebra. The rhomboids keep the scapula pressed against the thoracic wall and retracts the scapula to the vertebral column.

Alongside downward rotation of the scapula, this muscle is responsible for scapular adduction, or squeezing your shoulder blades together to straighten your chest and maintain or obtain an upright posture. This not only helps for the completion of movements that require this like deadlifts and squats, but also helps to maintain structural integrity to lead a better life with better back health.

Basically, this muscle group is awesome!

We have put together the ultimate finisher that you MUST try. We sure as heck will have this at the end of every back day to ensure adequate focus and development. For this, we have three rhomboid exercises.

3 Rhomboid Exercises

Rhomboid Exercises #1 - Prone Shrug 3 sets of 10-15 reps

Choose weight you can handle - for this we like to use 25lb plates and stack 10?s on them if needed.

Lay face down on an incline bench holding the weight in both hands. Squeeze your shoulder blades together focusing on contracting the area below your traps. DO NOT CONTRACT YOUR TRAPS!

Use your mind-muscle connection to ensure this is done. Do not bend at the elbows and simply squeeze the shoulder blades together, then return back to the starting position slowly.

Rhomboid Exercises #2 - Scapula Retraction Seated Cable Row 3 sets of 10-15 reps

Grab the close grip attachment and get into the starting position for a seated cable low row. Squeeze your shoulder blades together without bending your arms and then return slowly to starting position.

Rhomboid Exercises #3 - Lat Pulldown Retraction 3 sets of 10-15 reps

You can use either wide or close grip on this. Grip the bar and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Return slowly to the start of the movement.

If you still don't know how to do these rhomboid exercises, and even if you think you do, watch this video:

Diamond Back Annihilation | Rhomboid Exercises Finisher for ANY Back Workout!

The Back Attack You Need!

If you want that chiseled, sexy diamond back, add this to your back day now. You will enjoy the gains these rhomboid exercises elicit and will regret not knowing this information prior. But it's not too late?retract your way to huge gains?.and that's not a game!

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