Peak Week Bible - Getting Shredded for the Stage

Peak Week Bible - Getting Shredded for the Stage


3 Days Out

  • Remove all body hair (I recommend getting a full body wax). Shaving also works.
  • Last regular workout.
  • Regular diet.
  • High sodium and water intake.

2 Days Out

  • If you shaved, re-shave your entire body to make sure you didn’t miss any areas.
  • Depletion workout.
  • Regular diet until after the depletion workout. Then start carb loading. High carb, moderate protein and low fat.
  • High sodium and water intake.

1 Day Out

No training. 2 very easy 20 minute walks to get the blood flowing. One in the AM and one in the PM. Continue carb loading. High carb, moderate protein and low fat. Moderate sodium, stop drinking water Start diuretic Get spray tan Show Day Continue carb loading. High carb, low protein and low fat. Stick with food sources that are very light on your stomach and you know digest well for you Keep food volume as small as possible to keep stomach tight Moderate sodium, no water Get spray tan touch ups roughly 2 hours before event 30 minutes before event, drink a pre workout with 500mL of water and do a full upper body pump up Do not pump up legs because it’ll cause them to lose their deep cuts and separation. Only pump up upper body Carb Loading Carb loading really involves nothing more than depleting your muscles of glycogen, and then filling them to their maximum levels. By first depleting your muscles of their glycogen stores, glycogen storage enzymes and your muscle’s insulin sensitivity to carbohydrates increases. It creates a super compensation effect when you re-introduce the carbohydrates back into your diet and they load much more efficiently. On Thursday we start the carb loading process. You can have things like fruit, fig newton bars, rice cakes, low fat muffins, low fat pop tarts etc. On Thursday, train easy. Use ½ the amount of weight you would normally do. I always tell me clients to ‘train like a lazy pro bodybuilder’. Get a pump, talk to a bunch of cute girls and then leave the gym. Don’t break a sweat. Take Friday completely off from the gym (besides some easy walks to keep the blood flowing). Stick with carbohydrate sources that are complex and easily digesting so you don’t get hypoglycemic. Things like white rice, potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa, rice cakes with sugar free jam etc. On Saturday, stick to carbohydrate sources that you know digest well with your body and don’t leave you feeling gassy or bloated. Stick with things that are very calorie dense and don’t require a lot of space in your stomach. Energy bars, carbohydrate gels, carbohydrate powders are all good options. Depletion workout The depletion workouts will consist of 6 total circuits. Each circuit will contain one exercise for each body part. Each set should consist of 10-20 quick reps per set (1 second up/1 second down) with a lightweight. No rest will be taken between exercises and one minute of rest will be taken between circuits. The sets should not be taken to failure, as the goal is simply to deplete muscle glycogen. Depletion workouts: Each circuit will be performed twice (6 circuits total). 1. Leg press, dumbbell (DB) bench press, wide grip cable row, leg curl, shoulder press, overhand grip pull down, standing calf raise, cable rope tricep pushdown, barbell curl, decline bench sit ups. 2. Leg extension, incline DB bench press, narrow grip cable row, seated leg curl, lateral raise, underhand grip pull down, seated calf raise, close grip bench press, alternating standing DB curl, decline bench lying leg raises. 3. Squat, flat DB fly, T-bar row, standing leg curl, upright row, assisted pull ups, donkey calf raise, overhead DB tricep extension, standing DB hammer curl, high pulley cable rope kneeling crunch.

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