Our Gym Gospel - The Mantra of the Gym Faithful

Our Gym Gospel - The Mantra of the Gym Faithful

We all have a story.

We all have a tale to tell.

We do not tell these tales or stories with our mouths or pens.

We tell them with our bodies.

We tell them with our tired bodies, weary eyes, and stench filled clothes.

Through it all, we smile.

We smile at the storm.

We smile at the uphill climb.

This all begins when we choose to fight back.

We no longer lay down for our tears.

We choose to stand up with our sweat and for our sweat.

We need not be perfect.

We only need to admit we are the exact opposite.

We seek redemption through physical construction.

We are the directors of our futures.

We compose a symphony of reps and weights.

We inspire and motivate through our struggles, not our easy roads.

We give permission to others to shine bright because we have found our own light.

The iron, the bands, the ropes, the boxes.

They are our personal arsenal for battle against our doubts and fears.

We will not be stopped by the treadmills of the gyms or the treadmills of life.

We keep moving forward.

We keep moving up.

We press on.

The gym is not our savior, but it is another kind of sanctuary.

Where our minds go to rest while our bodies go to work.

This beautiful gospel, where body relaxes mind,

Is where we make our greatest gains.

Press on!
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