10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Workout Partner

10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Workout Partner

If you've been struggling to stay motivated, can't hit your goals, and you feel like giving up, a workout partner is what you need.

Before you come up with excuses why a workout partner isn't the answer to your problems, think about this. If someone were to hold you accountable, would you eat healthier? If someone gave you praise when you broke a personal record or goal, wouldn't you feel motivated?

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A workout partner will push you to a new level that you didn't think possible. A workout partner can be the difference between mediocre gains and smashing personal records left and right.

Before you hop in and go find the nearest person to workout with, there are a few things you should know:

  • You'll need to step up your game.
  • You'll need to be there for your partner.
  • You'll have to make your schedules work together.
  • You're going to have to give them the same amount of praise and accountability that you want.

10 Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

#1 - They Will Help You Achieve Whatever Fitness Goal You Have

When the times get tough, you need someone to snap you back to reality.

Negative thoughts start swirling around in our heads and ruins our motivation to keep going. It happens, trust me.

Studies from Stanford University show that simply receiving a phone call every couple of weeks to discuss your progress actually boosts the amount of exercise you do by 78% on average.

Having someone hold you accountable for putting in the work to reach your goals is important.

#2 - You'll Start Having Fun Working Out

Taking your workouts serious is important when you are forging new paths. Being able to laugh or smile about a failed lift or having someone to help brush you off if you fail takes the sting away.

Having more fun during workouts will drive more motivation and will make you actually want to go to the gym.

The right workout partner can completely change how well you are performing in the gym, so find someone you like being around and push yourselves further than you thought you could.

#3 - You Won't Be so Timid to Try a New Workout

Looking to try out a new workout or exercise? Having someone else with you makes it less intimidating to go to the gym.

Start trying new classes, trying new exercises, or try out some new equipment with your workout partner.

If you've ever wanted to try out kettlebells or a contest, a workout partner helps reassure you and gives you the confidence you need.

#4 - You'll Have Instant Feedback on Your Form

Recording your lifts is important to study your form and where it breaks down.

Your partner can give you cues to maintain good form while you're doing it.

Find someone who isn't afraid to tell you when you're doing something wrong and watch your lifts skyrocket.

#5 - You'll Compete Against Each Other

Finding a workout partner that is further along in their fitness journey than yourself will push you to compete with them.

This extra passion and motivation will increase your progress and will seem normal.

If you want to get the best performance you can out of your workouts, find a partner that is more fit than you or lifts more than you.

#6 - You'll Have More Motivation and Support

Having someone on your side makes the process of losing weight much easier.

A good workout partner will motivate and support you through your journey and help you reach your goals.

Helping your partner reach their goals invokes passion and a love for the process.

#7 - Your Ego Will Stay in Check

A good workout partner will keep you from ego lifting.

Just because you feel good that day doesn't mean you should add another 20 pounds to your lift.

Your extra confidence will push you to do more, and they will keep your ego in check.

#8 - Your Workouts Will Be Safer

No one likes to walk around a gym trying to find someone to give them a spot.

Having someone available to give you a spot or help you push yourself that much further will help you maintain safety while going beast mode.

Running at night? Having a buddy to run with increases your safety.

#9 - You'll Be Surrounded by a Like-Minded Person

Having someone who has "been there, done that" helps with growing as a lifter.

Benefit from their knowledge and learn proper form and try new exercises and training protocols.

Variety is key to maintaining fun in the gym. You're going to be more likely to stick to a routine when you have fun and confidence.

#10 - Your Commitment to the Iron Game Will Grow

There's nothing worse than when a workout partner calls and cancels.

On days you really don't feel like going, calling off will be much worse than going.

If you're supposed to go to the gym on certain days at certain times, you're going to feel obligated to go. This will carry over to faster progress and more consistent lifting.

Wrapping It Up

While not everyone wants a workout partner, simply having someone to root you on may be enough.

If you workout at home or prefer working in solitude, you'll have someone who can still hold you accountable and motivate you.

I invite you to find someone, in person or online, that you can lean on for motivation and guidance. Your goals will start to come to fruition and you'll have more confidence to keep going.

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