4 Tips to Improve Your Muscle Building Diet With Kris Gethin

4 Tips to Improve Your Muscle Building Diet With Kris Gethin

Is your diet too sporadic to amass any real momentum in the gym? Kaged Muscle is a brand which prides itself on helping its customers because without that helping hand, you're not going to get the experience we want you to get when you use our products. We invest so much time in creating unbiased, usable content for people like you to consume.

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Referring back to the opening question, is your diet too sporadic to amass any real momentum in the gym? We've got a four-point checklist for you to complete to ascertain whether you're being consistent enough with your endeavors to eat like a pro.

Improve Your Muscle Building Diet

Tip #1 - Track Your Macros

You've got to begin with the basics to rock your diet, that's a given. So your first port of call is going to be weighing your food, tracking your macros and calories. This is good practice because your numbers are like your foundations, without them, you can't build upwards.

It's always inevitable that you will be required to make a change or two on your diet to sustain progress. If you aren't fully aware of your numbers then you will have no clue on what changes you're going to make because there are zero points of reference for you to work with.

There are tons of apps you can use to accurately track your macros and calories, so there's really no excuse for you not to be doing this.


Tip #2 - Feed Yourself Properly

So you've got your tracking in order and you're on top of that, but now you need to guarantee that you're feeding yourself enough. It's pertinent to eat every 3-4 hours with a densely packed nutritious meal to get things moving faster on the highway to gains.

By now you're not just tracking your numbers, you're creating a format which requests specific times throughout the day which you allocate for your meals. Don't just follow this loosely, make sure you're never guilty of missing a meal.

Fit Tip: It's not always easy to eat whole foods every 3-4 hours because of work, travel as well as social commitments. The easy solution is to get two of your "meals" each day from Kaged Muscle Re-Kaged.

Obviously, you will be taking one serving as soon as your workout ends. Another time you should consider using Re-Kaged is with breakfast, mixed with oats and fruit to give yourself a very convenient, great tasting and highly nutritious start to the day.

Tip #3 - Keep it Natural

You've got to treat your body like a temple and use only the very best fuel available. If you were a racing driver you'd want the premium gas to put in the tank, that's how you need to regard your body's energy needs.

Even though you've got your numbers and meal frequency ticked, you also need to guarantee that you're eating natural foods. Although you might find the numbers appear the same from some processed food, the truth is they can cause a lot of problems for your body. Increased inflammation, interrupted digestive function and a lethargic shadow can all be a direct consequence of eating processed food.

Keep it clean and you'll get lean.

Tip #4 - Don't Be a Cheater

This is a relevant continuation of point 3, cheat meals. It's not that you can't ever enjoy a cheat meal, it's just that you've got to start looking at things the right way round. Rather than focusing on getting your cheat meal in, learn to evaluate when you've really earned it. There's a stark difference between the two scenarios, one is out of desperation and the other is earned.

You might believe that a bit of candy here and one hamburger over there isn't going to amount to much, but that's the kind of mind-set which will guarantee you'll fail. It all adds up, don't let anybody justify this for you by any other means. The ball is firmly in your court here.

We've reached the conclusion of our four-point checklist, how did you honestly do? Maybe you're a high flyer who's got every point on lockdown, or maybe this has been a big reality check for you. Either way, it's not a problem, we're only here to help you get to your goals quicker.
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