Kris Gethin's 4 Step Guide to Shredded Six Pack Abs

Kris Gethin's 4 Step Guide to Shredded Six Pack Abs

It's that time of the year. Every cat in the gym is grinding hard to get those abs to pop in time for the summer season.

Grind and effort alone won't get you there though. You need the right knowledge in your hands to get shredded.

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I've collated together a 4 step guide for you to get cut ready for the summer.

Kris Gethan presents 6 tips to build muscle without adding fat.

Your Guide to Summer-Ready Abs

1. You are what you eat...

It feels as though I've said that phrase a million times before, I probably have. The sentiment remains completely accurate, your diet will reflect in the way you look.

You won't ever be able to escape a bad diet, or out train poor eating decisions. To get shredded you've got to make a solitary commitment to picking foods which will only contribute towards burning fat, nothing else.

If at any time your mind starts wondering on your diet, remind yourself unless that food is an attribute to your end goal it has no place in your diet today. That's a very clear way of helping you distinguish between what is and isn't right. If it's not right, don't allow yourself to consider it a moment longer otherwise your progress will stall.

2. Become an energy burning furnace...

To get shredded you've got to get your metabolism turning over faster than ever before. Primarily you're going to do this through exercise. Just like I do, make cardio a daily ritual where you commit to making your body sweat for 40-60 minutes.

There are lots of ways you can do this, get a fast walk done on the roads, go hiking up the mountains, go cycling or swim lengths in the pool. I don't care how you do this; the important bit is that you do it. Get your cardio done every day, raising your heart rate and metabolism in the process.

To really move things along, split your cardio up into two sessions; one in the AM and the other in the PM. Splitting your cardio sessions into two 30 minute programs have been scientifically proven to burn more fat than 1 session of an hour.

3. Get accountable in the gym...

Your time in the gym needs to become more measured to really crush your goals. There's no time for just going through the motions here, every workout is a competition against your last one.

Track your reps, your weight and rest intervals. Make a conscious effort to continuously improve upon your efforts the week before; this is a sure-fire way to melt more fat away fast!

This doesn't have to be fancy or complicated, just f***ing push harder every week. Take your body to a darker place each time you train, it's the only way to guarantee evolution.

4. Check your supplements

I'm sure you're already using supplements but do you know what's actually in them? The unfortunate truth is that most supplements promise the world and deliver very little, there's no transparency behind their testing and it's nothing more than a money-making venture.

My company, Kaged Muscle, was built on the promise that we test every single batch, we then voluntarily have it third-party batch tested to guarantee the quality and potency. We use the finest ingredients in the world, without compromise.

Some of our products take me below my financial profit, but that's my commitment to you. I'm just like you, a guy who wants the best results and the best supplements which is why my passion for this is uncompromised. It's my name on the line here; Kaged Muscle isn't just another faceless supplement brand.

Here are my three, personal recommendations for you to get shredded quicker. I'm not going to push these on you, I'll just promise that once you've used them, you'll never change, because the quality is that much better. Hopefully, you're encouraged enough to at least test my word on that...

#1 - Clean Burn

Clean Burn

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This is the fat burner formula that I personally tested for a year before it was to be sold to you. I've included scientific backed doses of the very best fat burning ingredients available, including naturally fermented patented L-carnitine (Carnipure), capsimax, chromemate and gymnema sylvestre.

All of these unique ingredients are of the very highest quality, guaranteed by 3rd party testing, and are all dosed according to the latest science. This is your way to attacking fat from every possible angle, with great potency.

#2 - Pre-Kaged


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The pre-workout formula which gives you the exact dose of each ingredient you need to experience that extreme pump, heightened intensity, energy, hydration, strength, and focus.

As with every product in the Kaged Muscle line, Pre-Kaged carries the micropure guarantee which promises you quality, potency and effectiveness are unmatched. Raising your intensity in the gym is a must to burn fat quickly.

#3 - L-Glutamine


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When in an energy deficit to torch your fat, you need to protect your muscle mass more than ever. L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, which means it's going to help you prevent muscle loss when eating fewer calories. However, not all L-glutamine is created equal.

In fact, the stuff you're using probably has human hair in it! Yes, around 85% of glutamine and BCAA sources come from human hair or bird feather! My Kaged Muscle L-glutamine is formed from the most natural fermentation process to give you the best quality form in the world. As ever, you'll immediately recognize the difference when you upgrade.

How committed are you?

I'll sign off with this. So much time is spent on creating the right diet to blitz your body fat yet not enough time is invested in understanding how substantial the right commitment levels are to getting peeled. It goes without saying the right diet is of paramount importance, but it's equally as important to stick to it.

There's no such thing as a magical diet. The "magic" is very much in the commitment. Doing this s*** every day, even on those days where you'd rather not is the difference between winning and losing

Once you've got the diet locked down, your degree of commitment is going to be the difference between you getting shredded or not. It doesn't need to get any more complicated than this; control your environment and get shredded, or get controlled by it and be fat.
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