Finding Fitness: 9 Keys to Getting Started

Finding Fitness: 9 Keys to Getting Started

I figured I'd debut my writing at with an article focusing on the question I get asked the most:

Where do I start?

With so much information (and misinformation) out there, the world of fitness can be a daunting one to newcomers. Trying to figure out where to start can be so overwhelming and intimidating, it's almost easier to quit before you can get started.

Not this time.

This time, you are going to do it. You are going to smash through the "I can't" and "Where do I start?" and you're going to do it, because I'm going to help you.
9 Keys to Starting
If you don't know how to use the machines in the gym, ask someone to show you or you can even Youtube a video.

Key #1 - Pick One Place to Start

For some of us, completely diving into something full force creates total burnout after like a week tops. So pick a place to start, whether it be with your diet or working out and get started.

Start a fitness routine and once you get into it, start making changes in your diet. There isn't a "one size fits all" diet for everyone, so experiment and find what works for you.

Key #2 - Drop the Intimidation

Everyone starts somewhere, because everyone has to start somewhere. No one enters the fitness world 100% knowing what they are doing. Sure, there are plenty of people running around the gym, forgetting they were once newbies too - forget about them. You aren't there for them; you're there for you.

No matter your current shape, size or fitness level, you have every right to be there. Your goals aren't any more or any less important than someone else's. Remember that and enter the gym with confidence and determination.

Dumbbell RaisesKey #3 - Set a (Measurable) Goal

If you don't have a goal, how will you know when you've made progress? Start with setting a large goal, and then a smaller, stepping stone type goal that will get you there.

For example, if losing 20lbs is your big goal, start with losing 5lbs as your stepping stone. Not only will the smaller goals keep you on track and motivated to get to your bigger goal, but once you reach it, you'll know that you can accomplish even more.

Key #4 - Find What Works for You

So often we admire other people for their physique, and we think if we do what they're doing, we'll get there too. What works for the chick in your office may not necessarily work for you. If you are doing something you hate, chances are you won't stick to it. This is setting yourself up for failure.

You may not find something that you are just thrilled to get up and do (if it were easy everyone would do it) but finding something you can get into will help you stick to it. The same goes for diet, not everything that works for someone else will work for you, so figure out what you can stick to, and go from there.

Key #5 - Invest in Yourself

As easy as spending $9.95 a month gym membership is, it's just as easy to not go because it's so cheap.

When you start a fitness routine, you want to set yourself up for the most success possible. So invest in a quality facility and/or personal training/coaching, buy that new outfit you've been eyeing, splurge on supplements.

Make the investment in yourself and you'll be less likely to quit.

Key #6 - Toss Your Fitspo

I'm not telling you NOT to follow and admire other women in fitness, that's something you definitely want to do. Fitspos can motivate and inspire you with their journeys and their bodies like no one else can. However, you need to get it out of your mind that you'll ever look like them, because you won't.

I'm not saying you won't achieve an amazing, fit body - I'm saying that everyone's body is different. Some women can easily flaunt a six pack while it's not possible for others. You will never have someone else's abs, hammies, bootie, quads, calves, etc. because you are not them, you are you. When you get down to achieving the kind of body you want, you will have your own body to admire and your new goals will stem from that.
9 Keys to Starting
No matter your current shape, size or fitness level, you have every right to be there. Your goals aren't any more or any less important than someone else's.

Key #7 - Educate Yourself

In order to get better, you need to educate yourself. (it's also better to know the why behind doing something rather than just blindly doing it.) If you don't know how to use the machines in the gym, ask someone to show you or you can even Youtube a video.

Whatever your goals, whether it be to burn fat, add muscle, increase endurance, or to get stronger - educate yourself on what it will take. If someone gives you advice, check their facts. A lot of times people read something and regurgitate what they can remember, not necessarily the factual information.

Key #8 - Buddy Up

While finding someone who has a similar desire to get fit can be difficult to find, having a swole sister (or swole mate) is incredibly helpful. You can keep each other accountable, celebrate victories and be the motivation that the other needs.

Hitting the gym in a duo is also less intimidating than starting out by yourself. And after a short time you might just be comfortable enough to try it on your own.

Key # 9 - Have Patience

This is a journey, so trust in and enjoy the process. You didn't get to your current state overnight so you won't achieve your dream body overnight either. You most likely won't in weeks or a month. It takes months and even years (depending on your goals) to make serious physical changes.

Make the commitment for life and have patience with yourself. When you crush your first big goal, you'll be so glad you did.
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