Single Biggest Reason Why You Aren't Making Gains

Single Biggest Reason Why You Aren't Making Gains

It was Sunday morning in Melbourne, Australia at Daugherty?s 24/7 Gym. HPN CEO Sean Torbati, CORE Nutritionals CEO Doug Miller and yours truly had flown in on Thursday; trained Thursday, Friday and Saturday; attended multiple business meetings and worked over 20 hours on our feet at a trade show.

We had just completed 10 sets of 20 reps of HEAVY FREAKING leg press and had moved on to hack squats. As we loaded up the plates we all stopped in unison, just like female BFF?s who all start their menstrual cycles at the same time.

At that very moment, in a gym packed full of supposed fitness models, bodybuilding enthusiasts and gym rats, Sean, Doug and myself all stopped what we were doing and shared the same exact thought. It was Doug Miller, the man known for coining the term ?Crush It? when describing how to train, who spoke up first. Sean and I listened and menstruated?

?We are the only people actually training in this gym.? Doug stated, while somewhat out of breath from the over 200 reps we had already buried.

Sean and I looked up, nodded our heads in agreement, and then proceeded to add more plates to the hack squat (see this very leg training session here:

The Problem - You Don't "Crush It"

People want gains. They want the mass and definition of Doug Miller. They want the flowing aesthetics of Sean Torbati. They want (well, like two people actually) the grainy, veiny look I bring to the stage and to everyday life.

People go to the gym setting these lofty goals. They want to get bigger, better, faster, stronger. Ripped abs, big biceps, chiseled chest, veiny penis (okay, just making sure you?re still awake).

The problem is, they train. They go to the gym, lift half-a$$ed and don't ?CRUSH IT.? These lifters do sets and reps but never more than what they think they can do.

They follow the chart. They use ratios. And while I believe these have a place in everything, empirically, the best athletes push past their limits, defy limitations. As Mike Rashid says, they train for their mind and not just their body.

They freaking CRUSH IT!

The Pain Threshold

The problem with training is that it hurts. That's why so many dudes look like they?re riding, or having sex with a chicken due to their small legs.

Sure, if your legs are small your penis will look bigger. It's all relative, right? But I think legs are cool, and if you have a small penis you?re doomed anyway so might as well compensate with big quads.

To build big legs?eff it?to build big ANYTHING you need to push it past the pain threshold. Arnold said in Pumping Iron that it is the last few reps when the pain is intolerable where gains are made. Science says that isn't the case, but screw science!

I have trained with Dorian, Ronnie and other greats and the one thing they had in common was training through the point when mere mortals and beta pussies gave up. Be an ALPHA, go past the pain!

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I have trained with Dorian, Ronnie and other greats and the one thing they had in common was training through the point when mere mortals and beta pussies gave up. Be an ALPHA, go past the pain!

Percentages and Vaginas

I love science. I love powerlifting and going by percentage increases and all of that jive turkey. It works, plain and simple. But this article is about building muscle. This article is about taking what I know about science and putting it into a glass jar in case I need it later.

This article is about what I have witnessed with my own two eyes in my many years in this iron game and what champions share in common. I like progressive overload, and we should strive for that! But for hypertrophy, not strength, why limit it?

Why get 315 for 3 when you can get 315 for 5? It's like sex, at least in my perverted mind. If my personal best for lasting in sugar-walls was 42 minutes, do I give up at 43, or give that lucky lady the best 60 minutes of her life! That's right, be a porn star in the gym! Treat those weights like a female?

Just don't try to eat them.

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The Solution

The solution is to channel your inner Dorian Yates, your inner Doug Miller, and your inner Ronnie Coleman. Watch and listen to Mike Rashid (see his ImSoAlpha line HERE) and his motivating commentary.

Watch the epic videos where Doug Miller, Mike Rashid and other like-minded people get together with me and tear some crap up on the TigerFitness YouTube Channel. Get motivated, get at it, lift some heavy weights, and make some motha-effin?-GAINS!

don't just lift weights, ATTACK THEM!


There are other variables. Diet, rest, supplements, stress and other things but this article is looking at one variable. Conquer this, crush limitations, and OBLITERATE all of your short and long term GAINS GOALS!

Until then, please comment on this article on the Forums and know that we care about your gains at Are More Than Just A Number Here! Now get the heck out of here and CRUSH IT!
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