3 Secrets to Bigger Arms With Kris Gethin

3 Secrets to Bigger Arms With Kris Gethin

If your first goal when you started training was to get big arms put your hand up! If you didn't, you're a liar because every guy in the land who lifts wants bigger arms to some extent.

Even if you've already built a sizable pair of guns there always comes a point where things slow down and you soon feel as though you're running out of ideas. Don't worry any longer, I've got three things for you to make your arms grow again!

3 Secrets to Bigger Arms

#1 - Get Your Book Out

I've been lifting for 10 years now and in that time I've seen the gym culture change. As a young lad it was about striving to lift more, become stronger and then bigger. Now it's all about doing 45 sets, with supersets on top for good measure.

Look, there's nothing wrong with high volume, drop sets, and all that jazz. In fact, I love to do that from time to time. Yet, forgetting to get that scrappy notebook out and track what you're lifting on the compound lifts is going to slow your arm growth down.

For me, I choose weighted dips as my triceps mass builder and EZ curls for my biceps. Get stronger and your arms will grow. As a natural athlete who's trained for 10 years, growth becomes harder to attain so you need to stick to the principles which work.

#2 - Go After The Pump

Provided you are keeping tabs on your weight with the big lifts which you open your workout with, going after the pump will definitely help expand the size of your arms.

Once the most powerful motor units are stimulated from the heavy lifting, it's time to turn your attention to "cell swelling" which is best achieved with the age old tradition Arnie himself loved to do. Get pumped!

Shorten your rest periods, slow your rep tempo down and just let your arms fill with blood.

#3 - Straighten Your Form Up

Nearly every guy I see in my local gym limits his arm growth through poor form. There's too much movement in the shoulder and not enough extension and flexion happening in the upper arm muscles.

Understand this, to isolate your biceps or triceps you really only need movement through the elbow joint. Anything else is just adding momentum to the equation to make things easier, don't do this!

Can I also just remind you that as any respectable gym goer, there's nothing I love more than the pump especially on arm day. The best way to guarantee this is using Pre-Kaged before you train! Sometimes coffee just doesn't cut it.
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